Trendy Spring Hairstyles You Should Try

Spring has sprung and if you're anything like us, that means it’s time to update your look. The easiest way to do this is with a trip to the salon for a fresh new hairstyle or hair color. Spring 2023 brings a round of fresh hair trends for every hair type and face shape. We’re breaking down the hottest spring hairstyles to inspire your new look, including the best products and hair hacks to pull them off. Read ahead for 10 hairstylist approved, easy hairstyles to try this spring.

Main Hair Types

Your hair type is primarily based on your hair’s curl pattern. The amount of curl in your hair is determined by your hair follicle, and the shape of your follicle determines whether your hair falls into one of four main hair types. The more oval or asymmetrical your follicle is, the curlier your hair will be. You can alter your curl pattern with heat or chemicals, and your curl pattern can change due to hormones or medications, but your basic curl pattern is in your DNA. Knowing your hair type is a helpful starting point to finding the best hairstyle for you. There are specific sub-categories, and you may have several types on your head, but the four main hair types include:

Straight Hair

No natural curl, hair thickness and density can vary.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can range from a loose, undefined wave to visible S shapes. Generally the more defined your waves, the more likely it is you’ll have to deal with frizz.

Curly Hair

All hair types in this category have well-defined S-shaped curl patterns. They range from loose curls to tight and springy corkscrew ringlets.

Coily Hair

This is the tightest form of natural hair curl pattern, ranging from a defined, “O” shaped pattern to a more noticeable “Z” shaped pattern of tight curls.

Davines spring hairstyles

10 Spring Hairstyles

While scrolling through our list of the best spring hairstyle trends below, keep your face shape in mind, as well as the facial features you want to enhance. You and your hairstylist can come up with your best look from there. These are the 10 best hairstyles for spring 2023.

1. Pixie Cut

If you're looking for a low maintenance, wake-up-and-go cut, and you’re not afraid of going short — the pixie is a must for spring. The face is the main focus with this short haircut, that’s especially flattering on coily hair. If you’ve got long hair and you’re looking to drastically change things up for the season, try a pixie. Speak to your hair stylist about what kind of pixie cut would look best for your face shape.

2. Bob Cut

Speaking of short hair, the bob hairstyle will continue to reign this spring. Bobs with or without bangs are the perfect chop for straight hair in 2023. More and more versions have been popping up on the runways and our social media feeds, with lengths varying between chin and shoulder length. If you're tempted by a shorter silhouette, try a bob: because this cut us here to stay.

3. Mullet Cut

This season’s mullet is far less severe than it was in the 80s. Spring 2023’s mullet is slightly longer and frames the face beautifully. Any face shape can wear this cut, especially those that are fuller. The mullet is great for anyone who wants to add a little texture and volume to their style with an edge. And the best part about the modern mullet is that it will grow into a long-layered shag over time.

4. Shag Cut

And speaking of the shag, this choppy, 70s inspired hairstyle is the next trend on our list. But this haircut isn't for anyone who’s scared of layering. It requires a ton of face-framing layers that create a cool, lived-in hair look. The shag haircut is the perfect style for anyone who wants to embrace their natural texture.

Davines spring hair styles shag

5. Braided Hairstyles

Another hot hair look for spring and the perfect hairstyle to hide frizzy hair are braids. Braided hairstyles were all over the runways for spring and we’re here for it. The styling options are endless when it comes to braids. Our favorite braid hairstyles to try include French braid hairstyles, crown braids, Dutch braids, box braids, and more. And the best part? A braided style can last for days, making it super low-maintenance.

6. Half-Up Hairstyle

Next up on our list of trending spring hairstyles is a blast from the 90s. We’re talking about the half-updo. A half-up, half-down hairstyle is a classic for a reason. It’s easy to pull off for even the most novice of stylers and it works for literally every occasion. Plus, the simplicity of the style means there's so much room to play around with texture and placement. No matter your hair type, a half updo is a chic way to elevate your look for spring.

7. Curtain Bangs

If you’re into layered hairstyles, but not really into losing your length, try the season’s top fringe trend — curtain bangs. Shorter in the center and longer on the sides, curtain bangs are an easy way to tweak up your look for spring 2023. They can be added to most haircuts and work well on all hair textures, although they’re especially flattering on thicker, waiver hair. Plus they’re low-maintenance compared to full fringe. 

8. Wolf Cut Hairstyle

The wolf cut is one of the hottest hair trends for spring 2023. With over 1.2 billion views since first appearing on celebrity and influencer feeds, it’s safe to say this hairstyle has gone mega viral. And we get it! The low maintenance, choppy crop suits most types and textures, and works on both short hair and long hair. From sweet curtain fringes to rocker bangs and micro fringe, the wolf cut works whether your vibe is edgy, chic or glam.

9. Updo Hairstyle

With the spring comes unpredictable weather — the perfect time for an effortless updo hairstyle. This season, you can’t go wrong with an updo hairstyle. Try a casual topknot secured with a bright-colored scrunchie or a twisted updo held in place with a metallic claw clip. There’s no wrong way to rock this look. Just hold your strands up and off of your face, and messily secure it with the hair accessory of your choice.

10. Pigtails

Another trending spring style (possibly because it’s another look that holds up against windy weather) are pigtails. This hairstyle brings us back to the 90s again, and in the best way. You can tie your tails into buns or braids, and wear them up high or down low. Any way you rock them, pigtails will keep you totally on trend for spring 2023.

Healthy hair maintenance spring davines

Hair Maintenance

These are our top stylist tips for maintaining healthy hair.

Brush your hair before you shower

When your hair is wet it is more vulnerable to breakage so always brush knots out of your hair when it's dry.

Condition with care

Apply your conditioner only to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair and leave it on for a full minute before washing it out.

Use a hair mask regularly

Use a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioner at least once a week, and more frequently if you use hot tools regularly.

Turn down the temp of your shower

Keep the water temperature of your shower lukewarm, and do a quick cold-water rinse at the end to seal cuticles and boost shine.

Don't skip the scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Maintain balance by rotating a clarifying shampoo into your wash routine once a week.

Sleep on silk

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to protect the cuticle of your hair by reducing the amount of friction between your hair and the fabric.

Style smarter

Minimize damage from heat styling by using professional hot tools that distribute heat onto your hair evenly, and always prep with a heat protectant.

Trim your hair regularly

Trimming your hair every 3-4 months ensures that your strands stay healthy and don't split at the ends.

The Bottom Line

The easiest way to update your look for spring 2023 is with a trip to the salon for a fresh new hairstyle or hair color. With a fresh batch of social media hair trends for every hair type and face shape, you’ll find something that’s just right. And remember to use only high quality, stylist- approved product picks like the ones from Davines. For a new haircut, blowout or styling appointment, or to get personalized advice on caring for your hair, see a Davines stylist at a salon in your area.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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