Oily Hair

Restore healthy scalp and hair by adopting an all-natural regimen that cleans, refreshes, and eliminates oil-producing properties.

Oily Hair
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Shampoo for Oily Scalp & Hair

Those with oily hair know they have to be extra cautious in choosing hair products if they want their hair to remain voluminous, healthy, and clean. . When living with locks that are more prone to oily, greasy build-up, one is likely to succumb to a vicious rinse-and-repeat cycle that quickly exacerbates the excess-sebum issue. Oil builds up, requiring a wash, which in turn strips the scalp of its natural oils, causing production to ramp up and necessitate a wash all over again.

Selecting a shampoo for oily hair is especially crucial for those who experience a greasy head of hair day in and day out. Certain products can easily build up along the follicle, contributing to oily hair. Smoothing oils, heavy conditioners, and shampoos that are filled with toxic ingredients do more harm than good for those prone to excess oil.

Natural & Consciously Crafted Shampoo for Oily Hair

On your quest for a shampoo for oily hair, look no further than Davines. Our consciously-crafted formulas use high-quality ingredients that work with your hair’s natural structure and don’t strip the follicles of much-needed moisture. Each shampoo for oily hair helps reset the scalp’s unique, living biome, allowing it to produce a normal amount of sebum to keep the head and hair moisturized without overproducing oil.

Additionally, changing up your hair care routine can work wonders in minimizing grease. Wash as infrequently as possible and wear a hat, headband, or pull hair back in between wash days. When you do cleanse with a shampoo for oily hair, make sure your lathering technique gets shampoo down to the scalp. Those with thick, coarse, or curly hair can have trouble working shampoo all the way down to the root of the hair follicles.

Use a dry-shampoo for oily hair between washes to absorb grease and give tired tendrils an added lift. Apply a nourishing hair oil to the ends of the hair and try your best not to run your fingers through your mane throughout the day. This can spread product where you don’t want it - the scalp - and expedite an oily appearance.

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