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Natural Hairspray

This well-known, powerful styling product often conjures up images of late 80’s hair do’s that reached for the sky and stayed in place for days on end. The original hairspray invited crispy curls, immovable updos, and ringlet ponytails to the standard hair care regimen that gave tresses an unnatural look and feel. To many, using hairspray seems like an outdated styling practice that should be avoided at all costs.

However, hairspray has come a long way. Additionally, the way we use it to create beautiful, lasting styles has changed as well. In fact, it’s the styling secret of many famous hair care experts and offers versatility, lasting hold, and soft texture. Choosing the right hairspray for your styling needs can make all the difference between creating a natural, healthy-looking hairdo and one that looks like it stepped off the stage of an early 90’s Miss America pageant.

Hairspray without Alcohol

The hairspray of the past featured an exorbitant amount of alcohol, leaving the hair crispy, parched, and frozen in place. In addition to alcohol, conventional hair sprays used to feature a host of other toxic ingredients. Many would use half the bottle and disappear into a cloud of toxic-smelling fumes just to achieve superior hold throughout the work day. What’s worse, brushing through a hair-sprayed style could cause severe damage and breakage.

Davines hair sprays come in a variety of strengths that provide the perfect amount of hold for your hair. They won’t leave hair crunchy or frozen but instead create a soft, elegant appearance, no matter the style you choose. Our hairsprays are made without parabens and added colorants so you can rest easy that your hair is in good hands.

Our texturizing hair spray fosters a beachy look that won’t fall flat throughout the day while medium-hold, non-aerosol sprays are good for your body and the environment. Tendrils that are up against humidity can use a dose of our extra strong hairspray for a look that will stand up to moisture while remaining flexible, shiny, and flowy.

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