Protect your hair from the sun

Sunny days call for SU

Our SU family of products is a complete routine to protect your hair and skin before and after sun exposure. Enjoy your time in the sun, worry-free — these healing, hydrating and nourishing products are saviors for hair and skin.



A combination of active ingredients that sustain biodiversity + high biodegradability = a sun protection line that benefits both you and the sea!

Protective citrus from Slow Food

SU is formulated with citrus myrtifolia extract, sourced directly from Mr. Parodi’s farm in Savona, Italy

Antioxidant with Vitamin C

Also known as "chinotto," this protected citrus extract contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, such as vitamin C, which protect hair and skin cells from free radicals caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.


Steps to care for your skin and hair

- While SU Hair Milk is great for use both before and after sun exposure, it's ideal to use as a preventative treatment.

- It protects the hair thanks to anti UV-A and UV-B filters, preventing it from drying out and becoming damaged by sun’s rays.

- Use it after sun exposure as an additional conditioning treatment after SU Hair & Body wash.

- SU Hair & Body wash is a hydrating shampoo that moisturizes your hair and skin after being outside

- Hair damaged by the sun, chlorine and salt can use the SU Hair mask as a restorative and hydrating anti-aging treatment

-SU Aftersun is a soothing, mineral-rich gel that moisturizes and restores the skin's hydration levels after sun exposure

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