Layered Hairstyles

Looking for a simple way to instantly upgrade your look? It might be time to try a layered hairstyle. Disregard any preconceived ideas you may have about layered cuts from the past — these modern updates will not only help add movement and volume to your hair, but also can be customized to fit a range of hair lengths and textures.

Who can pull off the layered haircut?

Unlike many other hairstyles, layered cuts can really be altered to work with almost anyone. The key is to work with your stylist to see what they suggest is the most flattering for you and your hair goals.

Layered haircuts are flattering for all face shapes

This kind of cut will work to frame your face, add volume, dimension, and even help to add texture by removing length from the interior of your hair. It’s also a smart cut to get to help make your cosmetic color pop — added movement and texture can really let highlights and the different dimensions in colored hair stand out. Since choosing cuts based on your face shape can be a little confusing, your stylist will guide you in the direction that they think will be the most complimentary to your looks.

Layered haircuts are more forgiving

If you’re someone who prefers a more low-maintenance type of cut with less upkeep, you’ll want to try a layered hairstyle. While blunt or straight cuts will need frequent trims to keep the line looking clean, having layers means a more natural-looking grow-out process (for both length and color).

Styling tips for layered hair

Layered hairstyles give you the best of both worlds: they can look great un-styled and air dried, as well as after a blow-out and style. But either way, the right styling products are key: here are some of our favorite picks to help your layered hairstyle look its best.

  • Add volume and texture with a dry texturizing spray: if you prefer more definition between your layers, spray a dry texturizing spray onto dry hair on both the roots and lengths.
  • Boost shine with a shimmering spray: we know that layered cuts are a great way to let the dimension and color of your hair shine, and adding a finishing spritz of shine spray is a smart way to take it up another notch.
  • Create effortless waves with sea salt spray: encourage additional movement and texture with a sea salt spray — it’s perfect for getting a tousled, beachy, and full-bodied look with a matte finish.
  • Complete style with a natural-feeling hairspray that keeps locks intact all day: there’s nothing worse than watching your style fall during the day. Lock in your look with hairspray (avoiding those with an extra-strong hold so that your layers are still free to move).
  • Nourish hair between styling with hair milk: if you prefer to air-dry your hair, using a nourishing leave-in spray will ensure that your locks are frizz-free and properly moisturized, which means defined layers and silky hair.

courtesy of Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell

Layered short hair styles

Whether you’re already rocking a short cut or looking for a reason to make the chop, here are some cute layered short styles to get you inspired.

Feathered Lob

The feathered lob is defined by long, soft layers that are blended through the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. This cut will leave you with effortlessly weightless-looking locks.

Choppy Bob

A fun and modern take on the bob, a choppy bob is a cut where your stylist will add many short layers, using either regular scissors or a razor. Those with thinner hair might want to stay away from razored cuts, since they can sometimes make hair appear even thinner by removing too much weight.

courtesy of Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell

Inverted Bob

An inverted bob is when the layers in the front are longest, and they progressively get shorter as you head toward the back of your head. Since this can be a really sleek-looking cut, keep it in check with hairspray or a light hair oil.

Asymmetrical Bob with Side Bangs

If you’re feeling bold, try an asymmetrical bob: with this style, one side of your hair is longer than the other. Invest in the right volumizing spray to keep your hair from looking lifeless, as well as a leave-in smoothing cream to fight flyaways and frizz.

Layered medium hair styles

If your hair is longer, you might be interested in one of these layered styles for medium-length hair:

Mid-Length Two Tier Cut

Categorized by a short top layer and a longer bottom layer, two-tier cuts will give you the voluminous hair of your dreams. However this is another cut that you might want to stay away from if you have issues with thinning or fine hair, since if the difference between the tiers is large enough, your hair could potentially look even thinner.

Shag haircut Davines Tom Connell

courtesy of Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell

Medium Length Shag Cut

We’ve already discussed the resurgence of the shag haircut in popular culture — a nod to retro rocker style, celebrities like Miley Cyrus have helped people see this choppy and highly-textured cut in a new way. A good texturizing spray is the key to keeping your shag looking piecey and defined.

“The modern version of the shag is a chic, grunge homage to the nineties. The modern shag is customizeable; almost anyone can wear bangs and layers as long as they’re balanced with their face shape and hairline. It’s one of the most versatile wash-and-wear styles. Just blast your wet or dry roots with This is a Dry Texturizer, tousle, and go. But if you’re thinking of getting the cut, it’s important that your stylist consider your face shape and hair growth pattern — you want the layers to grow out seamlessly. I suggest asking your stylist to use a razor to free up movement and really bring the cut to life.” —Sal Misseri, owner of Reverie Salon and Kaizen Education in Chicago.

Shoulder-Length V-Cut

A V-cut is so heavily-layered that the hair will come together on both sides at a sharp angle, giving the appearance of a “V” point at the ends. It’s a smart choice for those with thicker hair that want to reduce some of the weight while keeping the length. You can style it sleek and straight or loose and curled, and both options can be secured with hairspray.

Davines long layers hair ideas

Layered long hair styles

Finally, it’s time to choose the right layered cuts for those with longer locks.

Long Feather Layers

Reminiscent of 70s icon Farrah Fawcett, long feathered hair is always a beautiful choice. A dry styling wax can be a smart choice to really make sure your feathered ends look defined and stand out.

Choppy Shag with Bangs

This version of the shag is made for someone who loves to go bold. Ask your stylist for long, choppy layers in the back and shorter ones up front, to create this layered and fun look.

Side-Parted Feather Cut

Your feathered cut can also be worn parted on the side, giving you options for styling. Adding a little texturizing serum to damp hair before blow-drying will help to create movement, volume, and shape.

Tousled V-Cut

Not into the sleek and straight look? Take a nod from mermaid-inspired hair and ask your stylist for a tousled V-cut. Wear your V-cut loose and beachy by spraying a sea salt spray to encourage movement and texture.

We hope these different layered hairstyles have inspired you to try something new! After consulting with your Davines stylist for the right cut to suit your hair and face shape, make sure you’re stocked up on the right styling products to always ensure it’s looking its best. And if you have any other styling tips that have worked for your layered hairstyle, be sure to share it with the community in the comments below.

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by Lauren Hannel, staff contributor

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