Hair Masks

When your hair needs a little extra love, try our masks. There's one for every type of hair or occasion: from instant shine to deep nourishment and repair.

Hair Masks
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Like our skin, muscles, and minds, our hair can use a little extra nourishment from time to time. Strands that are accustomed to coloring, heat treating, and harsh weather, can grow weary and lose their natural defenses. Shampoo and conditioner simply aren’t enough to restore hair back to its full health.


All-Natural Hair Masks

Enter: the hair mask. Think about how to replenish dull skin or regenerate sore muscles. You would invest the extra time and money in seeking out a facial or massage. Your face and body would certainly thank you and you’d reap the benefits of feeling good, all over. Investing in your hair health is one way to improve the look, feel, and health of your tresses. Hair masks come in all sorts of formulations and are made to cater to a variety of hair types.

Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

From coarse and curly to fine and straight, a hair mask is beneficial no matter what your locks look like. Each week, or however frequently your hair requires, lather a supple, antioxidant-rich hair mask on your strands from root to tip. Allow the mask to penetrate the follicles with moisture, fortifying your entire mane, strand by precious strand. Apply your hair mask to clean, towel-dried hair that still feels moist. Allow the mask to sit anywhere from twenty minutes to a few hours. If you can wrap your hair in a warm, moist towel or sit with it wrapped, under the sun, you may boost the benefits of your deep conditioning treatment. As with anything, consistency is key. Stick to a schedule and routinely apply your hair mask to ensure your locks remain healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. Additionally, hair masks provide a host of other benefits like protecting color on dyed hair, boosting the efficacy of other products, and preventing breakage. You’ll spend less time at the salon and more time enjoying your hair’s natural body, bounce, and life.

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