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Herbal Hair Infusion: Our New Salon Treatment, Tailored To Your Hair

Our most personalized treatment range has just hit salons: learn more about how they can be tailored to provide instant results for your unique hair care challenges.

Your hair is as unique as you are — and so are the challenges you face in keeping it healthy and vibrant. That’s why we’ve created the Herbal Hair Infusion treatment service powered by Naturaltech Tailoring: an exclusive in-salon treatment that is customizable to your hair. Not only does it deliver results instantly, with no processing time, it’s also as good for the environment as it is for your hair. Each of the 24 possible hair infusions feature a natural active ingredient, studied at the Davines Scientific Garden in Parma and grown in Italy according to the principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

Find your nearest Davines salon

If you have any hair health challenges you’d like help overcoming, book a session with your nearest Davines expert, who will be able to use our diagnostic tool to create your personalised Naturaltech Tailoring treatment in minutes.

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    Our Exclusive Hair Care Diagnostic Tool

    Your tailored hair treatment experience begins with a consultation with your in-salon expert, using our exclusive tailoring consultation diagnostic tool. The results allow them to identify your primary and secondary hair concerns, to give you personalized advice and create a dedicated recipe from the Naturaltech Tailoring range of products, which will be mixed on the spot especially for you.

    One Range, 24 Ways To Boost Your Hair’s Health

    Our treatments blend two important components: a naturally derived base plus a botanical extract booster. The result is a fluid formula that is personalized to you, easy to apply, and able to deliver immediate results without any processing time.

    There are 24 possible combinations, each of which deliver immediate effects with no processing time, so you’ll notice a difference even before you leave the salon.

    It Starts With A Highly Naturally Derived Serum Base

    Your choice of four cutting-edge base products is directed by whatever your in-salon expert identifies as your primary hair health challenge.

    Then We Add A Botanical Extract Booster

    Once you and your stylist have settled on the most appropriate base, it’s time to build up your herbal infusion using one of six botanical extract boosters, with ingredients grown using regenerative organic agriculture.

    Two Ways To Get The Naturaltech Tailoring Experience

    Whether you’ve got time to indulge or need your results on the move, we’ve designed a Naturaltech Tailoring experience for you.

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    For Instant Results, Fast: Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment

    If you need results fast, choose the Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment, which delivers immediate results with no processing time. The diagnostic process is simple thanks to our Naturaltech Tailoring Consultation Digital Tool, and your in-salon expert will mix a custom blend of products to create your personalized treatment on the spot.

    For a More Indulgent Experience: Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic Treatment

    Place yourself in the care of your in-salon expert, who is on hand to diagnose your hair care needs while offering you a moment of calm. After a thorough consultation process, they’ll prepare your custom Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic treatment, applying it with a soothing brush before finishing the experience with a relaxing hand massage.

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    Sustainable Hair Treatments By Davines

    This story has its origins in the Davines Scientific Garden in Parma, Italy. Here, our researchers have studied thousands of plants, drawing on the wisdom of nature in order to replace synthetic chemicals with natural-origin ingredients. That means our products are silicone-free, and contain no artificial fragrances. 

    Sustainably grown in partnership with local organic farmers using regenerative methods, our botanicals are then extracted using low-energy methods, to protect our planet while enhancing the unique beauty of your hair. And it’s not just our formulas that are sustainable — we’ve put a lot of effort into making our packaging as kind to the planet as possible too. Our innovations include a reusable bottle applicator, fully recyclable packaging, and post-consumer recycled bottles. And of course, all our treatments are produced and packaged at the carbon-offset Davines Village.

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    2 Responses

    Emily Duggan
    Emily Duggan

    January 18, 2024

    I had this treatment done at a salon in North Bay, Ontario on Friday (two treatments or ingredients one for shine and one for moisture ) I washed my hair this morning (Monday) and its as dry looking with a lot of visible breakage. It is no better than it was before the treatment and perhaps even worse off. I expected some kind of positive noticeable difference. The Renaissance Circle and Quick Fix Circle masks are way more moisturizing, less costly and last beyond the next hair wash. At any rate I am rather unimpressed by this latest hair technology.

    Krawchuk Julie
    Krawchuk Julie

    December 01, 2023

    What are the prices please -instant and luxurious.

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