The Top Davines Hair Care Products According to Stylists

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Every stylist has a go-to product to help them pull off the perfect look. We surveyed ours, and the votes are in. These are the top Davines hair care products our stylists can’t live without.

Davines LOVE hair products on a marble surface

photo by @karlibobarley

1. LOVE Smoothing Conditioner

“It’s so moisturizing and nourishing and smells divine. Just love!” 

— Mara Roszak, Mare Salon, West Hollywood, CA 

“Love Conditioner works so well on every hair type and is great for every day! It tames frizz and like all Davines products, smells amazing, too!"

 — Gabby Guthrie, Mission Salon, Dublin, OH

2. Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner 

“Since we are a balayage-centric hair salon, we always recommend the Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s important to respect the health of the hair by continuing to nourish it with proper at-home maintenance. This duo not only smells amazing, but helps maintain color while keeping hair protected from factors that can impact your color (like sun exposure and heat). You only use them once a week so they last a long time- definite must-haves for all of our clients.”

 — Abby Haliti, Abby Haliti Salon, Maplewood, NJ

3. Liquid Spell 

“Liquid Spell is the product I most frequently recommend to my clients, especially those with finer hair. It gives great body and style support without weighing the hair down. It has amazing heat protection and I love that it makes the hair stronger with each use. My clients love it because it makes their hair shiny and smell good.” 

— Samuel Bligh, Proper Hair Lounge, Vancouver, BC

4. OI All In One Milk 

“I always recommend OI Milk. It’s a versatile styling product that can be used on different textures, and it always delivers.” 

— Leonardo Manetti, ION Studio, NYC 

“We love that this product has a multitude of uses. We use it as a detangler, softening leave-in treatment, frizz fighter and heat protector. It’s a game-changer!” 

— Tanja Catoe, Crown and Mane, Tampa FL 

“One Davines product I always recommend is the OI All In One Milk. This product is great for all hair types and helps to detangle, adding softness and shine without weighing down their hair. A lot of my clientele heat style their hair so this product helps to keep the hair protected and hold their style longer.” 

— Jimmy Karellas, Francesca Salon and Spa, Toronto, CA 

"OI All In One Milk is great for all hair types. It helps to detangle and soften the hair without feeling heavy. My clients love the feel of it and it makes at home care a breeze." 

— Kenny Reed, Benjamin Salon, West Hollywood, CA

Davines hair refresher

photo by Lindsay Del Colletti

5. Hair Refresher 

"Without a doubt, my favorite product is Hair Refresher. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t use it! I love that it’s water-soluble, deodorizing and oil-absorbing — there is really nothing else like it! Whether it is before working out or in between washes, we love that Hair Refresher does what it says it will do without leaving a powdery texture or any evidence that you are using a dry shampoo. This product is literally a pick-me-up in a bottle. Oily hair? Use some Hair Refresher! Need a little texture? Use some Hair Refresher! Sad? Use some Hair Refresher! Bored? Use some Hair Refresher!” 

— Mackenzie Spence, Kenna Kunijo, Charlotte, NC

6.VOLU Hair Mist 

“I love it because it’s a perfect combination of volume while keeping hair soft. It’s very lightweight making it suitable for thin hair and buildable for thicker. My ultimate go-to for every client!’

— Michaela Smith, First Impressions Salon and Spa, Pembroke, MA

7.This Is An Oil Non Oil 

“This magical product can be used on all hair types. It’s rich with nutrients and adds great shine with a light hold. We love it for air drying curls, as a blow drying lotion for fine hair, and taming fly-always on stronger hair textures. The amazing scent and versatile use makes this Craft House Salon’s number one product!” 

— Mallory Zenner, Craft House Salon, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

3 wrapped Davines hair products

photo by @karlibobarley

8. Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer 

“This is my favorite product to offer my clients. It provides medium hold and volume with a gorgeous finish. It’s great for scrunching waves and curls too.”

— Dalbe Markman, AOC Salon, Norfolk, VA

A Davines hair product wrapped in pink printed paper

9. This is a Curl Building Serum 

“As a curly girl myself I’m extremely picky about the curl products I use. This Is A Curl Building Serum is like a magic potion for curly hair. Whether you air dry or diffuse, this product defines each curl perfectly. Everyone is hooked!” 

— Stephani, Stellar Salon and Apothecary, Norfolk, MA

10. This Is A Dry Texturizer 

“My favorite Davines product to recommend to my clients is This Is A Dry Texturizer. This incredible product adds lightweight body and movement and it’s perfect to spray on the go and get you ready for a night out!” 

— Destiny Garcia, Cielo Salon, East Aurora, NY

11. Naturaltech Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner 

“Living and creating hair in Las Vegas, land of sun and hot tools, rejuvenating parched hair takes top priority. This conditioner quenches thirsty hair from the dry desert climate, weightlessly restoring hydration levels for shiny, voluminous moisturized locks while calming the scalp.” 

— Vanessa Stewart, Hot Box Salon and Spa, Las Vegas, NV

Davines Naturaltech hair products in sunlight and shadow

photo by @karlibobarley

12. Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist 

“It tames the most unruliest of hairs, takes the frizz out and leaves hair silky and shiny.” 

— Tammy, True Salon, Memphis, TN

7 Davines The Circle Chronicles hair mask pouches

photo by Lindsay Del Colletti

13. The Circle Chronicles 

“I always recommend these masks because there is one for every hair need. And they’re great for traveling because the cap is resealable and each mask can be used two to three times.” 

— Kerra Coticchia, Reverie Salon, Chicago IL

14.MELU Hair Shield 

“We highly recommend that everyone use a heat protector when they style to ensure that their hair is protected and MELU Hair Shield is my favorite.” 

— Jon DiMauro, Evoke Salon, Toronto, ON

by Jaclyn LaBadia

cover photo by @dottoviophoto

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