In 2017, the Quercetano Olive Presidium was established to promote a variety typical of an area that nestles between the provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara.

Davines continues its commitment in partnership with The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.


With this initiative, Davines intends to help prevent the disappearance of this threatened heritage of genetic varieties that is essential to life on our planet.

The centuries-old olive groves are now threatened by the development of the area, which is rapidly reducing the amount of land dedicated to agriculture.

For millennia, olive-farming in Versilia, and in particular on the plain surrounding Querceto, has been a factor of paramount importance in shaping both the economy and the landscape.

Davines and Slow Food

Davines has worked with Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità Onlus [Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity] since 2014, by supporting its Slow Food Presidia, projects that involve producers from all over the world in order to protect traditional local farming practices that risk extinction, promote specific territories and rekindle historical professions and processing techniques

Essential Haircare

Its Essential Haircareline is formulated using active ingredients from nine Italian Slow Food Presidia, including the Salina caper, Paceco Cartucciaru melon, Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto tomato and Noto almond.