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Hair Conditioner for Every Hair Type

Finding a good conditioner feels like winning the lottery. This post-shampoo ritual restores our hair back to its smooth, shiny state and makes our tresses oh-so-touchable.

However, selecting the wrong conditioner for your hair type can send your morning beauty routine into a tailspin. Opting for a conditioner that is too nourishing or heavy may turn your mane greasy within a few short hours after your shower. A post-shampoo hair treatment consisting of ineffective ingredients, parabens, and sulfates and your hair may suffer at the hands of heat-treatments, splitting and breaking at the ends.

Each day, our hair is bombarded with pollutants, free radicals, sunlight, and harsh weather. This leads to dull, damaged, and lifeless tresses that are desperately dehydrated. Shampoos work to remove dirt, grease, and grime that the scalp and strands pick up on a daily basis. But this process can sometimes remove too much of our natural oil, triggering our skin to produce excess sebum, which often causes dandruff, a greasy appearance, and limp locks. Conditioning your hair after shampooing fosters hydration and is a crucial step in promoting overall hair health.

When shopping for a new conditioner, consider your hair type, your general hair care routine, and how frequently your mane requires washing. These factors should be the driving force behind the conditioner you opt for.

Color-treated hair and bottle blonds should select a conditioner specifically designed to ensure their pigment isn’t compromised. Long haired individuals may want to opt for an ultra-nutrient rich conditioner that minimizes the risk of breakage from brushing and blow drying. Fine hair desperately needs a lightweight conditioner that won’t bog it down.

A color enhancing conditioner can elongate the time between salon visits and keep your ‘do looking fresh. Wavy and curly hair requires a conditioner that promotes elasticity and bounce while eliminating frizz.

To keep your tresses looking their best and to maximize the time between haircuts, colors, and styles, an expertly-formulated conditioner is a must.

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