Fine Thin Hair

Volume-building hair products to bring life back to fine hair without weighing it down. Try our texturizing sprays, shampoos, and body-enhancing conditioners.


Fine Thin Hair
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Fine Hair Products For All Hair Types

Those with thin hair benefit from a host of pros, including quick dry time, easy maintenance, and simple styling. Locating fine hair products that promise to boost volume, add texture, and reduce oil isn’t difficult - there are a plethora of options lining the shelves. However, finding fine hair products that actually deliver on their promises can prove tricky, leaving those with thin tresses having to try product after product on the quest for volume.

Hair Thickening Products for Fine Hair

Fortunately, our fine hair shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in products work to add body, infusing thin, fine hair with new life. Incorporating our fine hair products into every step of your hair care routine can work wonders in creating the look and feel of luscious locks.

When working with fine hair, it’s crucial to add dimension to each strand of hair. Start with a thickening shampoo and conditioner that cleanses and moisturizes hair without clinging to the hair itself, inadvertently weighing it down.

Hair-care is important no matter what but especially when your locks undergo frequent heat or chemical treatments. Fine hair has a greater propensity to break off when not conditioned and moisturized adequately. On occasion, use a scalp conditioner or wash with a purifying shampoo that promotes overall skin and hair health.

Volumizing Mousses & Treatments for Fine Hair

Regardless of how you like to style your hair, work fine hair products like volumizing mousses or bodifying creams through wet strands. Blow-dry hair or allow it to air-dry, then add a texturizing spray that will add depth and dimension to your plumped up do.

If working your way to a thick, luscious mane seems overwhelming, don’t fear. Davines fine hair products are specifically formulated to volumize thin locks, giving them a healthy boost without weighing them down. Make one simple swap at a time to start on the journey to gorgeous waves, perfectly tousled tresses, and luxuriant locks.

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