Healthy and Normal Hair

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Healthy and Normal Hair
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Healthy Hair Products for All Hair Types

The quest for healthy, shiny hair is one most of us set out on, regardless of our hair type. However, it can be difficult to accomplish without the right products and practices, specifically targeted toward your precious locks. Believe it or not, healthy hair starts at the scalp, not at your strands.

Healthy Scalp Treatments

Scalp health is easily overlooked, especially for those with thick or curly hair. Getting shampoo down into the scalp to cleanse and moisturize the skin is half the battle. The other half? Selecting a shampoo that removes grease and dirt but doesn’t strip the scalp of its natural oils.

Consider your hair type when searching for healthy hair and scalp products. Those with fine hair will want to select a volumizing shampoo that adds dimension and depth without weighing down thin strands. Thick-haired manes yearn for multi-functional cleansers that are easily worked in and help eliminate frizz. Once you’ve nailed down your cleansing routine by using healthy hair products suited to your tresses, it’s time to lock in moisture and reduce flyaways with post wash formulas.

Color-treated hair needs a fortifying hair oil to protect brittle strands that can break off easily. Locks that constantly undergo heat treatment like blow drying, curling, or straightening need some extra love as well. Healthy hair products like hair butter, heat-protectant oil, and deep conditioning treatments reinfuse life back into damaged strands.

In addition to choosing healthy hair products that are sustainably sourced and natural, hair health can be aided by diet, exercise, and sleep. Establish healthful habits and a diverse, seasonal diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids, veggies, fresh fruit, and nuts. Skip behaviors that may hurt your skin and hair, like smoking or binge drinking. Minimize heat treatments from time to time and let your natural hair shine through.

Once it’s healthy and vibrant, you may not feel the need to run a flatiron through it each morning before work. Curls will bounce, unburdened from heavy, dull products while straight hair will look supple and shiny.

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