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The bob is a haircut that’s been around for a long time: it originated in France in the 1890’s and went mainstream in the 1920’s as a symbol of defiance and rebellion against female expectations. It was reinvented again in the 1960’s by celebrity hair stylist Vidal Sassoon, and this is where the haircut really took off. By this time, the bob was the look du jour for models and celebrities, and it’s never gone out of style since. Every decade has their version of the bob and it's still one of the hottest hairstyles to rock today. Whether with a wispy fringe or a set of curtain bangs, shoulder-grazing or blunt jaw-skimming, there’s a bob haircut for every face shape, hair type and desired length. If you’re ready to make a chop and you’re wondering how to pick the right bob hairstyle, stick around. Because we’re breaking down all the bob details ahead!

What are the different types of bobs?

A few of the most common bob types include:

A-Line Bob

While a traditional bob is one length, the A-line bob is slightly longer at the front and shorter towards the back. The angle of the cut typically starts from the back of the neck and works its way straight down between the chin and the shoulders.

Stacked Bob

A stacked bob has graduated layers in the back. The hair is angled and longer in the front and shorter at the back, with stacked layers for texture and volume. The front is shorter, and less pointed than the front than an A-line bob.

Graduated Bob

A graduated bob is a type of bob that has more length in front and more volume at the back. Like the stacked bob, this haircut is made up of layers that are stacked at the back, gradually increasing in length as it goes to the front.


The lob is a haircut that gets its name by combining the words “long” and “bob”. Because a lob is in fact, a long bob. Typically longer in the front and shorter in the back with some slight layering, this is the perfect bob if you have waves or curls — just style with your favorite curly hair products.

Davines lob haircut

courtesy of Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell

What are the most trendy bobs right now? 

Some of the most trendy bobs right now include:

Shaggy Bob

Two of the hottest hairstyles for summer come together to form the shaggy bob. We’re talking about the shag, and of course the bob. The best parts of these two make for a chin-length bob, for a messy bedhead look with lots of oomph at the crown. 

Short Layered Bob

This chin-length, textured bob is full of layers, movement and volume. And it’s the perfect low-maintenance style, just wash with your favorite shampoo, follow with your favorite leave-in conditioner and let your layers air-dry.

Choppy Micro Bob

This ulta-short bob with choppy layers is modern and edgy. Its best worn straight with slight layering at the ends for a choppy, textured finish. Ask your stylist for your longest layer to hit just below the jawline.

Feathered Bob

Another messy, chic hairstyle, this blunt cut features softer, feathered layers. The look is achieved by texturizing the hair, followed by feathering the ends. This chin-length bob is casual and classic in the best way.

Long Layered Bob

This medium-length bob hits between the jawline and just below your shoulders and is the perfect compromise between a short haircut that can still be tied up and out of your face. Another low-maintenance wash and go style, just use a clarifying shampoo and style with a sea salt spray.

Davines shortest bob

courtesy of Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell

Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair 

These are the best bob haircuts for fine hair:

Side-Parted, Chin-Length Bob

This chin-grazing hairstyle is perfect for making thin hair appear thicker. A deep side part will give you volume and fullness around the face. Use a medium hold paste to keep your part in place. Add movement through the roots and mid shafts of your hair with a curling iron or wand.

Inverted Textured Bob

An inverted bob features a precisely cut short back with longer face-framing pieces. The textured cut is a cross between a traditional bob and a pixie cut. If you love a cropped cut, this short, layered bob is as cute as it gets.

Razored Comb-Over Bob

This deep side-parted haircut with jagged ends is achieved using straight-edge razor blades. The razored comb-over bob resembles a lob and is easy to style at home, especially for those who've got slightly wavy hair.

Poker Straight Bob

This blunt bob is all one-length and cut into a straight line at the ends. Worn super-straight, with or without bangs, a poker straight bob is one of the most traditional of all the bob hairstyles. Start with a heat protection spray and use a blow-stryer to get your strands stick straight.

Davines salon photo Stotts Atelier

Bob Haircuts for Every Face Shape 

These are the best bobs for every face shape:

Round Face: Long Bob

The best bob haircut for a round face is one that elongates — a lob that falls just below the chin draws the eye down, doing just that. Add a deep side part to highlight the best of your features on a round face.

Square Face: Mid-Length Layered Bob

A strong, mid-length bob looks best against a square face . This length defines the line of a strong jaw, softening the angles of a square face. Sweep your hair into a side part to draw attention to your cheekbones.

Heart Face: Long Bob with Layers

A lob with a lived-in texture is the perfect choice for heart-shaped faces. It creates fullness around the jawline, bringing balance and symmetry to the face. And by keeping a bit of length, you avoids the boxy appearance of a shorter cut air dry with a hair milk.

Bobs are for Every Head of Hair

Do bob haircuts look good on everyone? Absolutely. From the classic bob, the stacked bob, inverted bob and blunt bob, to curly bobs, choppy bobs, and asymmetrical ones, there’s a bob hairstyle for every head of hair. This haircut is easily customized to any length and texture, making it flattering on everyone. If you’re into the bob, and not sure which is right for you, talk to your stylist about the best options for your face shape and hair type. And remember to use only the highest quality hair products to maintain the health of your hair and style your bob. All Davines formulas are free of harmful ingredients and are made with renewable energy and packaging that minimizes the environmental impact. Our hair care isn’t just good for your hair, it’s good for the planet.

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by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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