Demi-permanent color

View is our new tone-on-tone color line with an acidic pH that offers extraordinary shine and fullness to the hair.

It’s formulated respecting the environment, with 88% to 93% natural origin ingredients and 95% to 99% biodegradable ones.

- Does not modify natural melanins
- Vanishes in 15-20 washes
- Covers up to 50% of white hair

Did you know?

- View is a versatile system, extremely easy to use. It can be applied both on dry (clean or dirty) or wet hair, without lifting natural melanins.

- Add tone to natural and previously bleached or lightened hair.

- Offer a shine enhancing service with the Gloss.

- View can disguise the first sign of white hair, up to a maximum of 50%.

- Always keep in mind that darker shades will disguise more than lighter shades.

-To increase the pigments’ deposit, a heat source is suggested, along with mixing the natural corresponding base.



Principles of the formula

Davines’ Research and Development Laboratory developed View, a delicate non-committing demi-permanent color, that reduces the risk of hair breakage, protects the hair structure and guarantees extreme shine.

Natural polyglicerols

In View formulations, we introduced “natural polyglicerols”.

• Never before used in the world of hair colour

• Extracted from olive oil to provide extreme shine, moisture and softness to the hair

• With a strong reinforcing effect and respect for the hair structure

• These make the formulation even more sustainable, as they are delicate and biodegradable emulsifiers from renewable sources.


View is the perfect tool in the hands of a colorist: the color assortment offers a range of traditional nuances ideal for:

Toning both natural and cosmetically colored hair.

Balancing existing colors.

Refreshing lengths and ends, while a permanent color is applied on the root area.

Professional tips for hairdressers

Prepare the color mixture by weighing the color and activator, following the mixing ratio: 1 part color + 1 part Activator 10 vol.

Color development can be controlled visually (up to 5-20 minutes) and removed when required. However, when disguising white hair, full color processing is highly recommended.

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