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Sunlight Hours 

Color in a new light 

From pearl blonde to bronze blonde and ashy copper: recreating all the shades of the sunset on your hair

Color and its many shades are the focus of Sunlight Hours, the new collection by Tom Connell — Davines Hair Art Director. The first three looks of 2022 are inspired by the changes in light throughout the day, and by the way in which the reflection of the sun’s rays on hair can change our perception of color. Just as the light at sunrise is milky and mottled, while at midday it is clear and clean, our hair can also express different shades and moods.

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A pearlescent edgy look 

The first color of 2022 is a pearl blonde with a darker base, embellished with shades ranging from blonde to a soft sunset purple.

The subtlety of the shades of color is enhanced by a contrasting geometric, structured haircut that can be styled straight, for a smarter occasion, or messy and casual to reveal its inner texture.

This look was created with the Graduated Blonde hair coloring service combined with The Century of Light bleaching and View toning.

For styling, spray This is a Shimmering Mist on a flat brush and brush it through well to help keep the base smooth.

What inspired Tom Connell? Sunlight in Parma and at the Davines Village

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Soft peach for a natural look

If you prefer a natural, less elaborate look, we recommend a shade of color such as peach, mango and honey, which blend together in this look, starting deeper and more intense at the base and then lighter on the lengths and ends, creating soft or natural curls.

These shades are best suited to a warm complexion and go perfectly with any layered haircut, since the soft, peachy blonde shade is enhanced and becomes more vibrant, adding movement and volume to hair.

As for texture, this look can be recreated on either thick, defined curls or on soft, wavy curls. To create this color, instead, we used Mask with Vibrachrom and View thanks to the Sculptoning hair coloring service available in Davines salons.

For styling, if the locks of hair are too defined and thick, volume can be added by separating them using This is an Oil Non Oil.

Color is the true star

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Bronzed Blonde for effortless style

A versatile blonde, with magnolia and bronze reflects, which gradually lighten on the lengths, creating a deep shadow underneath this hairstyle. It is easy to maintain and achieve – thanks to the Graduated Blonde haircoloring service combined with The Century of Light bleaching and View toning – and practical to wear.

As for the haircut, we suggest an asymmetrical bob, but any simple haircut will go perfectly. It is the perfect look for those who are always short on time and wish to convey a sense of effortless sophistication.

This styling can be easily recreated by curling the hair in opposite directions to create soft, loose waves

Want your color to shimmer? Turn your head upside down and spray a generous amount of This is a Shimmering Mist.

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Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh HodgesDavines Colour Ambassador
Jon Gorrigan - Photographer