Finest Pigments

Direct, natural color

Finest Pigments is an ammonia-free direct coloring system formulated with natural pigments and ingredients of up to 98% natural origin.

This is a gentle and natural coloring system that is quick and easy to use: the formulas are used directly on hair, with no need for activators. The range includes 14 shades that can be mixed together as desired, as well as Finest Gloss.

The natural pigments used are derived from ingredients such as ginger and saffron (which enhance golden reflects), lycopene from tomatoes (which intensifies red and copper reflects), and Indian Walnut (which enhances darker reflects and protects the hair structure).

And aside from the pigments, other raw materials selected during the formulation —like rose oil and cellulose—are also of natural origin.



- This is an ideal alternative for those who are coloring their hair for the first time, as it involves a gradual and natural change of color. This effect fades in 8-10 washes.

- All of the nuances can be applied pure or mixed together, and can be diluted with gloss to create a unique color.

- The natural composition of Finest Pigments means it can be used immediately after a perm or relaxing treatment.


- Finest Pigments is made up of seven natural bases, four reflects, three intense reflects and one gloss that can either be used alone or mixed with the other nuances as desired.

- The Natural bases can be used to give greater intensity to hair color of the same level, or alternatively, to darken natural or cosmetically colored hair. They can also be used to camouflage white hair.

- All Finest Pigments have a powerful hair glossing action, which increases if they are mixed with Finest Gloss.

Principles of the formula


The talent of the chemist lies in the ability to extrapolate nature with an honest and respectful approach.


Gentle and natural formulas

Finest Pigments is formulated with ingredients that are up to 98% natural origin. With their strong antioxidant power, natural pigments enhance and preserve hair's reflects, while also protecting its structure.

Guaranteed shine

Finest Gloss can be used on its own to provide extraordinary shine to hair, or mixed with all Finest Pigments nuances to change their intensity.

Its also a great choice for coloring highlights and creating intense reflects on bleached or colored hair.

Finest Pigments


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