Shampoo for Curly Hair

With moisturizing formulas that cleanse the hair, add shine, and never jeopardize texture. Each shampoo is formulated to reduce frizz and enhance and define curls.

Shampoo for Curly Hair
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Maintaining a beautiful head of curls is practically a full time job. If you’ve got a set of spirals or a cascade of corkscrews, you know that finding hair products for curls is a fine balancing act. You strands crave hydration and softness but you also want your scalp to be cleansed and build-up free.

Additionally, curls are inherently tricky to take care of no matter the shape because of the follicle structure. Unlike straight hair follicles, a spiral shaped strand is more likely to have open cuticles along the strand, which allows moisture to seep out and damaging elements - like smoke, pollution, and free radicals - to get in. The actual structure is prone to breakage, dehydration, and tangles. All of this leads to potential damage when washing, brushing, and styling your gorgeous curls.

Shampoo for Curly Hair to Minimize Frizz

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to start your hair care game in the shower with a shampoo for curly hair. Fostering cleanliness, scalp balance, and hydration can seem like spinning plates. Many curly-headed hair-gurus have spent years using the trial-and-error method in an effort to find the best hair care products to tame wild ringlets.

At Davines, we too have put in the leg work so you don’t have to. Our shampoo for curly hair caters to your natural spirals and works to moisturize each strand from root to tip. Our unique formula won’t bog down fine ringlets yet it is also effective enough for even the coarsest of curls. No matter the issue you’re seeking to remedy with your shampoo for curly hair, we’ve got you covered.

Need to add elasticity for a bouncy bob that pops with each step? No problem! Need to mitigate frizz for that wedding on the East Coast? We’ve got the solution. No head of hair is the same and we want you to be able to love and cherish the set of curls that sits atop your noggin. That’s why we’ve created a host of shampoo for curly hair that will help you create the crown of curls that you deserve. It’s time to embrace our natural beauty instead of trying to tame it. Let your curls be as wild and free as you are.

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