Fine Hair Shampoo

Volume-restoring shampoo for fine, thinning, and limp hair. Each shampoo is enriched with a renewing system that gives softness, shine, and full body to fine hair. This collection gently cleanses the hair, making it soft and light with a lasting boost of body.

Fine Hair Shampoo
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Fine Hair Shampoo for Every Hair Type

Thick-haired friends may often comment on how easy it is for their thinner-haired pals to primp, preen, and perfect their hair-do in just a few short minutes. However, we know that dealing with fine hair is a balancing act. One false move and we can send our thin tresses into a tailspin they won’t soon recover from.

Washing and conditioning fine hair is a necessary, foundational element on the quest for healthy, soft, voluminous tendrils. Choosing a shampoo for fine hair is half the battle when learning how to work with your mane’s natural structure. Our shampoo for fine hair works to cleanse the scalp, balance the natural pH, and restore moisture to locks without weighing them down.

Adding body is the name of the game for fine fringe. One false move - like sweeping a nourishing hair oil too far up the hair shaft - and your hair will fall flat, requiring a do-over. However, skipping on post-shower product entirely isn’t going to do your locks any favors. Replenishing moisture and reducing breakage lies in the hands of expertly formulated after-care products. Once you’ve found your favorite shampoo for fine hair and selected a light-weight yet hydrating conditioner, it’s time to shop for volumizing hair products.

When adding body and dimension to fine hair, products should work to thicken each hair strand without weighing them down. Light-weight sea salt sprays and foaming mousses certainly work wonders when it comes to injecting life into fine hair. Apply when the hair is wet for a lasting boost that won’t deflate during the day.

The takeaway: find a shampoo for fine hair and never look back. A natural cleanser formulated with thin hair in mind sets your head of hair up for success.

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