Avoid tangles and breakage with this collection of detangling hair products. Easily comb and brush hair for smooth, silky and tangle-free strands. Browse the variety of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and styling products below for your perfect product match.

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After long days spent outside, afternoon swims in the ocean, or even a light jog, our hair can easily become tangled and unruly. Brushing it out without using detangling products has the tendency to break sensitive strands. Combing through thick, coarse hair on any day, much less one with an abundance of wind, can be a time suck. A wet brush works wonders in the shower, but what if you’ve got to dry brush your matted mane?

Enter: Davines detangling products. When mitigating breakage and reducing damage, it’s important to use detangling products that do most of the work for you. They coat and lubricate each strand, allowing them to better slip apart. Many detangling products market themselves as a post-cleanse regimen, however, our detangling products consist of shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins, and more.

How to Use Detangling Products

Wash with a sulfate-free shampoo and a nourishing conditioner first to set your strands up for success. Removing product with a clarifying shampoo also allows your hair to return to its natural state, reducing the risk of snags, snares, and split ends.

Detangling products don’t just unfurl the Gordian knot on top of your head. Davines detangling products perform multiple functions like conditioning, moisturizing, and improving the follicle structure. Over time, hair tends to dry out as we color-treat it, process it with chemicals, or heat-style it. This dryness causes tangles to occur more easily and makes it difficult to untangle without breaking and damaging tresses. Reverse this damage with a detangling spray centered around replenishing moisture and lubricating locks.

Detangling products don’t just make it easy to comb through your hair but they allow you to keep your locks looking fresh in between cuts. You can minimize time spent at the salon and protect your precious mane by rubbing a detangling leave-in milk through your hair, post cleanse. Using a hair mask also reduces the risk for unruly tangles and a knotted mane. Treat your hair to a heavy dose of moisture every few weeks and watch as your tightly bound ‘do unwinds easily.

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