The Wolf Cut: Everything You Need To Know

The wolf cut is one of the hottest hair trends taking over at the moment. With over 1.2 billion TikTok views since first appearing on celebrity and influencer feeds, it’s safe to say this hairstyle has gone mega viral. And we get it! The low maintenance, choppy crop suits most types and textures, and works on both short hair and long hair. From sweet curtain fringes to rocker bangs and micro fringe, the wolf cut works whether your vibe is edgy, chic or glam. If you’re ready to rock this hot hair trend, here’s what they want you to know before you book your appointment. Your guide to the wolf cut hairstyle ahead!

What Is A Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is the latest hair trend taking over your social media feeds. Named for its resemblance to the pattern of a wolf's mane, this hairstyle was first popularized by K-pop idols in the late aughts. The now viral wolf haircut takes its inspiration from two other trendy haircuts, the mullet and the shag. The wolf blends these two iconic cuts with the choppy texture, pattern and shape of a mullet, and the lived-in, wearability of a shag. The haircut features big volume at the crown that tapers towards the bottom, finished off with a set of bangs. It’s a gender-neutral hairstyle that can be customized in many different ways depending on preference. It’s an incredibly versatile haircut that works with your hair’s natural texture so it looks flattering on straight hair, waves and curly hair as well.

Wolf Cut vs. Mullet

The wolf cut is sometimes used interchangeably with the mullet cut. And though it definitely borrows some elements from the mullet, it’s not the same haircut. The main difference between a wolf cut and a mullet is in the way the cut is layered. The wolf cut’s layers frame the face in graduated levels with an obvious fringe. Mullets don’t usually have bangs and if they do, they’re not blended into the much longer hair in the back like a tail. The wolf cut is considered more wearable than a mullet thanks to the multiple layers and blended lengths.

7 Styling & Maintaining Tips For Wolf Cuts

When it comes to styling your wolf cut it’s all about enhancing your natural hair texture. These tips will help you style and maintain your wolf haircut.

Brush your hair every day

Maintaining any haircut starts with brushing it daily. And the key to a healthy wolf cut is to brush or comb your hair every day to prevent tangles. If you’re prone to knots apply a detangling spray to prep your hair and prevent breakage.

Use a leave-in conditioner

Especially if you have coarse or thick hair, a leave-in conditioner keeps it healthy and hydrated. Plus, it protects hair follicles from the products and hot styling tools. If you have fine hair, skip this step in your hair routine, as some leave-in conditioners can potentially weigh your hair down.

Getting a hair trim at a Davines salon

Get your hair trimmed regularly

Just like a shag haircut, a wolf requires routine trims to preserve the integrity of your layers and bangs. If you have short hair, trim it every six to eight weeks and if you have long hair, trim it every eight to ten. This will help you maintain your wolf cut.

Choose your bangs according to your face shape

When it comes to choosing a fringe for your wolf, remember that your bangs are the statement feature of the haircut and what makes it unique to you. Ask your hairstylist to play with various styles to create different face-framing effects. As a good rule of thumb, curtain bangs balance out the angles of a rectangle or square face, and side swept bangs compliment round faces.

Air-dry, then blow-dry

Instead of a full blowout, this hairstyle looks its best with a combination of air-drying and blow-drying. Once your hair is partially air-dried, use a diffuser and angle your head down. Scrunch sections of your hair upward as you move the diffuser over your damp ends. This helps create the soft, wavy look of the wolf cut.

Add texture to your layers

The more texture the better when it comes to the wolf cut. The key to this haircut is lots of texture, so work with your hair’s natural texture to create a tousled, lived-in look. If you have fine or straight hair use a sea salt spray to enhance your hair’s natural bends. For wavy and curly hair types, use a styling cream or curl mousse to prevent frizz and tame your natural curls into place. 

Set it with hairspray

To set your wolf cut look, add a few quick spritzes of a brushable hair spray to the top of your hair. Hold the spray bottle about six inches away from your head to avoid over-saturating the roots with the product.

Products for wolf cuts

6 Hair Products For Styling Wolf Cuts

The best hair products for styling your hairstyle will enhance the natural texture of your hair while adding volume and a messy, effortless look. These are a few of our favorites for styling a wolf cut.

Leave-in conditioner

A lightweight leave-in conditioner like OI All In One Milk will prime and protect strands for the styling to follow. Spray your mid lengths and ends with this multi-function leave-in spray treatment to soften, detangle, control frizz and protect the hair from heat.

Heat protection spray

This one is a must in any good styling routine. Any time you touch your strands against a heat tool, you must use a heat protection spray. This includes blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands. Our favorite for nailing the wolf trend is This is a Blow Dry Primer: in addition to heat protection, it’s an anti-humidity barrier and shine-enhancer, reducing styling time. Spray from 5 to 20 pumps on wet or towel-dried hair from roots to lengths and ends before heat styling.

Dry shampoo

If you have very fine hair that tends to fall flat, This is an Invisible Dry Shampoo can be a style-saver with the wolf cut. A few spritzes not only gives you a refreshing boost of volume, but it extends your style by absorbing oil and impurities leaving behind a soft and natural finish. Use it for texture at your roots or in-between wash days. Spray at the scalp and roots in sections, then massage into the scalp or brush through to thoroughly distribute product through hair.

Davines products to style a wolf cut

Texture spray

A texturizing spray that creates piecey hold and definition is the next must-have product on our list for styling a wolf cut. Our favorite hair spray for texture is This Is A Dry Texturizer. It gives the hair an instant full-bodied and tousled look without weighing it down. Use it on both your roots and your mid lengths.

Sea salt spray

Especially if you have fine, thin or straight strands, a sea salt spray will help you nail the perfect wolf cut layers. A beachy scented hair spray, This is a Sea Salt Spray is the perfect salt spray for getting a tousled, textured, big volume look with a matte finish. Spritz over wet or dry hair, then let air-dry.

Curl mousse

To hydrate and define curly or wavy hair This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse is the perfect styling product, especially for a partially air-dried hairstyle like the wolf. It prevents frizz and enhances your hair’s natural texture, helping curls maintain their bounce and structure.

Wrapping up the Wolf Cut Hairstyle Trend

From curtain fringes to punk-rock bangs and retro micro fringe, the wolf cut works whatever your vibe. If you’re ready to rock TikTok’s hottest hair trend, book an appointment at a Davines salon near you and ask for a wolf cut. Remember that this haircut can vary in length and layering so chat with your stylist about what would look the best with your face shape and facial features. Maintain your wolf cut by brushing your hair daily, getting it trimmed daily, working with your hair’s natural texture and using only high quality hair products to care for and style your hair.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

For piecey, defined texture and hold.

For a tousled, beachy, full-bodied look with a matte finish.

For adding a hydrating and defining boost to curls.

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