What Your Hairstyle Says About You

Your hair plays an important role in your confidence and self-image. Hair is one of the first things people notice and can say so much about who you are. It’s a very personal decision, but it’s also totally public. Hair frames your face and is one of the features that people notice in the first few milliseconds of seeing you. In a conversation, people’s eyes are directed toward the other person’s head. And it’s so easy to change your hairstyle so that it becomes a reflection of who you are and a sign of your identity. Your haircut, color, and style all say a lot about your personality. So what message are you sending? Keep reading to find out what your go-to hairstyle says about you.

What your hairstyle says about you

Even though your hairstyle isn't always an accurate indicator of your personality (though sometimes it can be) society's stereotypes tend to influence how certain cuts, colors, lengths, and textures are perceived. So what does this mean for your personality? Well, quick judgments about personality on the basis of things like facial expressions and hairstyles are generally not always accurate, but people make these snap judgments nonetheless. Let’s take a closer look below.

What your hair color says about you

Whether you're a blonde, brunette, or redhead, science shows that people make major judgment calls based on the color of your hair. A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found that men find brunettes approachable, blondes needy, and redheads haughty. These stereotypical meanings and in part developed from common color associations but are often reinforced by pop-culture in general

What your hair length says about you

Women with short hair are often seen as being more professional and confident. Women with medium length hair are thought of as practical because it’s such a versatile and low-maintenance length. Women with long hair have the patience it takes to grow those locks out, so are seen as more conventional, with traditional values.

What your hair type says about you

Fundamentally, your hair type reveals your natural self because you can’t change it completely. People with curly hair aren't taken as seriously as their straight-haired counterparts. Straight hair is often thought of as more conservative and curly hair more fun-loving or casual.

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So what does your current hairstyle or haircut say about your personality?

Let’s get down to the reason you came. The following are some of the most common cuts and styles. Read ahead to see what rocking each style says about your personality!

Side part

People who part their hair to the side are generally seen as compassionate, patient, and reliable. Especially if the hair part is loose. People who favor left-sided parts tend to be very analytical, intellectual, and rational. Whereas right-side parters are usually more spontaneous, creative, and emotional.

Beachy waves

If loose, beachy, lived-in waves are your thing, you’re most likely creative, with lots of energy and strong willpower. A 2017 study measured confidence in relation to hair type among female college students and found that those with wavy hair were found to be most confident.

Sleek high ponytail

An angled messy bob forms a front focused shape with volume in the back and a dramatic slant for a more visually interesting haircut. And by adding choppy layers to a chin-grazing bob, your thick locks will look and feel less bulky, making them easier to manage, too.

Natural hair

Rocking your curls or natural hair says a lot about your lifestyle and personality. You’re outspoken and someone who likes to challenge the norm. You stand by what you believe in and value your roots.

Pixie cut

If you’re rocking a short-cropped haircut like a pixie, you’re not afraid to let the world know how strong you are. You’re a trend-setter with the perfect blend of femininity and strength. A pixie is a modern and edgy haircut and makes a serious statement. This is a wash-and-wear style and that’s just how you like things done– quick and organized. For ideas on how to give a short hairstyle a new life, see our previous blog post.

Unconventional haircut

You’re a risk-taker and a go-getter. Your creative hairstyle shows off your outgoing personality and fun spirit. You tend to think outside the box.

Unconventional color

If you have bright-colored strands you likely don’t mind getting a little attention. You’re creative and rebellious and you like making a bold statement when it comes to your looks, not to mention your personality.

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photo by @kennakunijo

If you always want to curl your straight locks…

It can mean you're craving more fun in your life. Just like your body craves certain foods, curling your hair can satisfy a craving. Curling your hair creates a shift in the kind of experiences you attract. Because your hair becomes more visually interesting, you'll attract more interesting experiences.

Or you always tend to straighten your curly hair…

Chances are you're trying to tame not only your chaotic hair but a chaotic life as well. You probably need to find a moment to calm and center yourself. By straightening your hair, you’re controlling it’s the intensity and giving yourself a sense of calmness. This essentially creates a balance you need in your life again.

The Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

Regardless of cut, style, or texture.

1. Brush your hair once a day

Generally, brushing once a day should be enough. If your hair is extremely long or fine, you may need to brush it twice a day to prevent knots from forming, while those who have curly hair may even be able to brush it less.

2. Do not over-wash your hair

You should only be washing two to three times a week. Any more than that throws off your scalp’s natural balance of oil, sending it into overdrive, producing an excess amount of oil. This leaves your hair feeling thick and greasy, likely prompting you to wash it again, resulting in a never-ending vicious cycle.

3. Avoid hot showers

It can be tempting to take a hot shower, but hot water damages the hair while stimulating the scalp to produce extra oil. This is bad — see above! But you don’t want to go too cold either. This prevents any excess oil on your hair from being cleaned away. Once your hair is washed, turn the temperature down and give it a blast of cold water before stepping out of the shower. This helps to close your hair cuticles, locking in moisture and helping it to reflect the light better, leaving your hair looking soft and shiny.

4. Be gentle with wet hair

Wet hair is much more delicate and fragile than dry hair, so you need to treat it with extra care. Never brush wet hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to help remove stubborn tangles, saving your brush for once your hair is completely dry.

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5. Use your shampoo correctly

Shampoo should only be applied to your scalp, and not to the ends of your hair. The ends get clean as the shampoo runs down your hair as you rinse. Instead, focus on your scalp, giving it a brief massage at the same time. This helps to detoxify while boosting circulation. How much should you use? A quarter-sized dollop for average-length hair, slightly more for long or thick hair, and less for short or thin hair.

6. Never skip conditioner

When you shampoo your hair, the cuticles get roughed up quite a bit. A conditioner helps to smooth them, while re-balancing your hair’s pH level, which can be thrown off by the shampoo. Conditioners also provide your hair with a protective coating. This is not only important for when you style your hair, but also in terms of preserving your color and moisture.

7. Use protection when you heat style

Using heat styling tools like blow-dryers and flat irons on bare hair is something that you should never do. Heat styling causes major damage and breakage (and can even lead to hair loss!) to your strands if they’re unprotected. If you don’t plan to use a heat protection spray, then don’t use heat! Need some inspiration for styling without heat? Check out these Easy At-Home Hairstyles for Everyone.

8. Use a hair mask regularly

Unlike regular conditioners, a hair repair mask is designed to target specific hair issues. Just like when choosing other products, the type of treatment you opt for should depend on your hair type, as well as its individual needs.

Your hairstyle plays an important role in your confidence and self-image. It takes just a few seconds to form that first impression, and your everyday style gives people more clues about who you are than you’d imagine. Looking to shake things up with a new look or just change someone’s impression of you? Make an appointment with your stylist today!

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

cover photo by @kennakunijo

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