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Chase Away the Cold with Stunning Winter Hair Color Trends

As temperatures drop and colder weather moves in, your hair can start to look dull and drab. The colors that popped against your tan skin and summer prints aren’t necessarily the ones that work best for you all year. Winter is the best time to play around with your hair color and change up your look. If you’re ready to feel bright and sunny with a new hair color, you're in the right place. We asked our stylists for the coolest winter hair color ideas this season. Read on for everything you need to know, plus tips for maintaining your color and protecting your hair in the cold, ahead.

Best Winter Hair Colors

So what's trending when it comes to winter hair colors? Deeper, richer moody hues like red and black make the perfect complement for gloomy weather. And warm brown and blonde hair colors can brighten the skin during the drab winter months. These are the top trending shades for this winter season.

Brown Hair

Brown hair once had a reputation for being a bit flat, particularly on skin tones that are very light. But this season, brown is a must. The hottest hues for winter are versatile and velvety, and you’ll see them on coos girls everywhere. Choose from colors like chestnut brown, with subtle red undertones; chocolate brown, with warmer undertones or cool, dark brunette shades.

Davines red hair color trend for winter

Red Hair

Next up on our list of hot hair color trends for winter is red. From traditional shades to multidimensional hues, red hair is having a winter moment. And with good reason. There are so many nuances in tone that there’s a red iteration for every skin tone this season. Think rich burgundies, copper sunsets, deep merlots, and subtle apricots.

Black Hair

Embrace the dark side of winter by rocking our next trend- black hair. From off-black to onyx, black hair makes a statement this season. It’s a hair color that adds instant grit and depth to your look, and it’s surprisingly low-maintenance. If you’re a natural brunette, and want to try something bold, talk to your colorist about going darker with black hair. 

Blonde Tones

Blonde hair is always a top trending hair color for winter, and this season is no exception. The cool undertones of shades like icy blonde, platinum blonde, and ash blonde mimic the temps outside, keeping the look fresh. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for warmer blonde hair shades (more on that below). Whatever your vibe for winter, there’s a blonde to match it. 

Strawberry Blonde

Our favorite trending blonde hair color for the season is strawberry blonde. Both sweet and sophisticated, strawberry blonde brings a rosy warmth to the skin. It’s the perfect winter hair color refresh for blondes who want a trendy update. And bonus — strawberry blonde is easy to maintain for a low-effort, high-impact look.

Bronde hair for winter


Bronde is the perfect fusion of brown and blonde hair colors, and it’s the last trending winter color on our list. Bronde brings the warmth of brown and the freshness of blonde making it a versatile hue that’s customizable in various shades and undertones to match different skin tones and styles.

Trendy Hair Color Techniques and Styles

The season's hottest winter hair colors are showing up as all kinds of low-maintenance, highlighting looks. So once you pick your shade, how will you rock it? These are the top techniques and hairstyles to try with your favorite winter hair colors, according to the pros.


When it comes to winter hair colors, you can’t go wrong with balayage. This French coloring technique adds depth and dimension to your hair, especially if you keep your roots dark. This creates a low-maintenance, seamless transition between your natural color and your winter shade. 


Lowlights are another subtle way to incorporate your favorite winter hair color this season. The difference between highlights and lowlights is that highlights lighten the hair with a lighter color while lowlights add dimension with a darker color. You can ask your colorist for both, which will give the illusion of volume, depth, and texture. 

Face-Framing Highlights

The face-framing highlight technique is another way to try your favorite winter hair colors this season. These add brightness around your face, playing up your features and acting as a contour. Add some face-framing blonde highlights, or strategically placed money pieces for an instant glow-up this season.

Babylights for winter hair care


Babylights are delicate, fine highlights that mimic the natural hair color of, you guessed it, babies! Babylights create a soft look that adds dimension and brightness to your hair without being overly dramatic, or making a huge hair statement. They’re the perfect subtle color upgrade for the winter months. 

Skin Tones and Undertones

When it comes to the best hair color for winter, your skin tone and undertone play a major role. If you have a fair skin tone with cool undertones (meaning you have a lot of pink, blue or red in your complexion), your best winter hair color should help minimize any redness in your skin. For warm undertones (think yellow or orange), your ideal hair color should give your skin a natural-looking flush. If you have dark skin with warm tones go for shades that bring out the sunniness in your skin. For dark, cool skin tones, accent your pinkish blue undertones with cool colors like soft reds and rich blacks.

Maintenance and Care

Especially during the winter months, the most important thing you can do to make your color last is to follow a proper hair care routine. Whether you choose a shade of red, brunette, blonde or black, there are a few things you need to know about taking care of your hair color during the winter to keep it healthy. These colorist-approved tips will keep your winter hair color fresh into the new year, despite the harsh elements of the season.

Moisturize Your Scalp

During winter, your scalp gets dry due to the lack of moisture in the air. This can lead to issues like dandruff, irritation, and flakiness. Once a week, slather your scalp with an oil like coconut or olive oil to deeply hydrate your strands. Hair oil is your colored hair’s best friend.

Don't overwash your hair in the winter

Don't Over-Wash

Frequently washing with shampoo strips your strands of their natural oils, causing dryness and irritation. Don’t shampoo your hair more than twice a week, and always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Deep Condition

You should never skip the conditioner, but this is an absolute must during winter. The season’s weather can be harsh on your hair, and a good conditioner will help combat dryness and maintain color vibrancy. Use a quality color-safe conditioner and deep condition your hair with a hair mask weekly.

Get Root Touch-Ups

Techniques like ombre hair, with its gradient effect, are an ideal choice for low-maintenance winter hair. But there is the need for occasional root touch-ups to maintain the ombre effect and ensure that your hair color transition looks seamless.

Use Color-Safe Products

Most winter hair color involves using bleach, which strips the hair of its natural oils. So it’s important to maintain your silky smooth hair after coloring it. Use only color-safe products, free of sulfates to preserve your color and keep your strands hydrated.

Avoid Heat

Too much heat styling will undoubtedly damage your hair, no matter what the season. But especially during winter, hot tools like blow dryers and flat irons zap the moisture from your hair. This weakens strands and also contributes to another one of winter’s dreaded hair woes- static.

Get Regular Trims

Regularly trimming your hair rids it of any split ends before they climb up the hair shaft, ruining more and more length. Your trim schedule depends on the condition of your strands. More damaged hair requires more cuts in cold, dry weather. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what your natural hair color, it’s best to consult a professional colorist to help assess your skin tone and choose your best winter hair color. The right shade ultimately comes down to what makes you feel good. Pick something that you love, and in most cases, your colorist can help you get a version of it. Take care of your color at home. Keep it hydrated, healthy and vibrant with only the highest quality products for colored hair this winter season, like the ones from Davines. All our formulas are free of harmful toxins, use many natural ingredients, and are made with renewable energy and packaging that minimizes the environmental impact. Not sure where to start? Our hair care isn’t just good for your hair, it’s good for the planet. 

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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