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Dull or Dry Hair? Try an In-Salon Shine-Boosting Treatment


When combined with a treatment of your choice, our new OI Liquid Luster moisturizes and nourishes hair, providing an extra "wow" effect.

Dull or dry hair? Try the new OI Liquid Luster, a product with a liquid water-like texture that offers shine and softness in just a few seconds, leaving hair shiny and with a mirror effect.

OI Liquid Luster is ideal whenever you need an intensive treatment, at home or at the salon! Find out below what the most suitable service is for your needs, and ask your hairstylist what they recommend to achieve a glowy and silky final touch for your hair.

Shiny and moisturized hair: 4 treatment suggestions

Whether you go to your hairdresser for a cut, a blow out, or to brighten your color, ask for our new OI Liquid Luster! Here are 4 treatments to consider and choose with your hairstylist!


A delicate yet effective treatment, suitable for all hair types
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OI Liquid Luster can be used on a regular basis with the entire OI line, (OI Shampoo, OI Conditioner or OI Hair Butter) to achieve very soft, shiny and silky hair.


 For blonde hair, to give it extra shine and softness. 

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Try OI Liquid Luster with Heart of Glass products and treatments for a shiny and toned look to boost your blonde hair: Silkening Shampoo, Intense Treatment, Sheer Glaze.


For dehydrated hair, leaving it full bodied, plump and shiny. 

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Use OI Liquid Luster with Naturaltech Replumping products for added body. Ideal with Replumping Shampoo, Replumping Conditioner, Replumping Hair Filler Superactive.


Dedicated to every type of brittle hair with split ends

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The combination of Naturaltech Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask and Nourishing Keratin Sealer repairs and seals the cuticle, while OI Liquid Luster leaves hair silky smooth.

Shiny hair in record time

OI Liquid Luster improves hair quality, leaving it incredibly healthy and soft, it is your best ally for detangling, drying and creating a perfect style. It is soft to the touch and extraordinarily shiny, for a glasslike effect. You will leave the salon with amazing hair, and not a minute wasted.

  • HAIR THAT IS 6 TIMES SHINIER - An instrumental test on strands of hair shows an increase in shine, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs only OI Shampoo
  • HAIR THAT IS 3.5 TIMES SILKIER- An instrumental test of combability on strands of hair, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs only OI Shampoo
  • EXTREME SOFTNESS- Self-assessment of 63 volunteers around the world

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Jane Ulmer
Jane Ulmer

April 18, 2022

Please tell me how often is recommend use for OI LIQUID LUSTRE.

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