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How to Repair Summer Hair Damage with Salon-Approved Treatments


If you've found yourself with sun or chlorine-damaged hair after summer holidays, you're not alone. Use this professional hair advice to bring your locks back to life at home and in-salon.

Summer is a time for fun in the sun — unfortunately, this can cause damage to your hair, even with the right preventative measures. But with a tailored in-salon treatment plus specific home-care products, you can bring your hair back to life!

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Repairing Damaged Hair After Summer 

Missed out on a good preventative routine this summer? Rest assured, things will be okay — we have plenty of helpful products and solutions for repairing damaged hair once summer comes to an end. 

In general, it’s best to give your hair plenty of love and care before it gets damaged, as well as planning recurrent visits to your Davines salon. But even when the damage has already occurred, your stylist has you covered! And don’t worry: with our treatment after-summer in-salon, you will see instant results.

In-Salon Treatment for Damaged Hair

Depending on the extent of damage, there is a tailored treatment to help your strands to fully recover from summer hair damage. Let's explore how you can bring your locks back to life with the help of a Davines hairdresser!

#1 - Cleansing

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Hair regeneration starts with the basics: a delicate Nourishing shampoo. Your hairstylist will damp your scalp and hair, massaging in gently. Then the stylist will rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

#2 - Restructuring

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A keratin treatment can be the holy grail for damaged hair. Your hairdresser can choose between our Keratin Booster Superactive and the Keratin Wonder Superactive, or even use both depending on the damage level of your hair.

#3 - Gloss or Shine

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Damaged hair can be dull and lacking luster. But in-salon your strands can recover their shine thanks to our permanent and demi-permanent color lines: Finest Pigments or View.

#4 - Nourishing

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In this phase, your hairdresser will pamper your hair with some extra-nourishment. For fine hair, the stylist may prefer Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner. For thick hair, it's even better the Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask

#5 - Scalp care

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Last but not least, there's a leave-on Mineralizing Scalp Treatment.

Using the special applicator, your hairdresser will spread the product over the scalp, massaging gently. 

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Bring your hair back to its original beauty, your Davines hairdresser is waiting for you!

At-Home Treatments for Damaged Hair

Caring for your hair at home is the best way to supplement in-salon treatments and maintain healthy locks in between appointments. Here are a few products to help repair damage leftover from the summer: discover all our salon-approved products for an at-home routine.


Skip the guesswork — we've bundled some of our favorite nourishing products into two simple routines.


Before cleansing, use these products to infuse hair with moisture and reduce damage. Applying a hydrating mask or hair butter to hair is a great first move prior to washing.

The wrong formula can strip hair of much needed moisture and hinder healing. These shampoos are ideal for helping damaged hair, replenishing hydration and nutrients while ensuring shine and softness.
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MINU Shampoo
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OI Shampoo

Once you have a clean slate, it’s time for products that can continue the repair process. Whether it’s a keratin sealer or UV protectant, these must-haves prevent and remedy damage.

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SU Milk
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Sheer Glaze

Busy schedules call for masks and treatments that take up very little time. These nourishing options all help revive hair in under 10 minutes.

Preventing Summer Hair Damage

The safest way to maintain healthy hair during the summer is through prevention. Knowing what your day holds can help you prepare your scalp and strands and keep summer hair damage to a minimumRead this article if you want to learn all our tips to protect hair during summer, using the best professional-quality products such as our SU line. Remember also that breakage is more of a risk at this time, too, so try to avoid putting unnecessary stress on hair through rough brushing, excessive heat, tugging, etc. For some inspiration, check out these low-maintenance summer hairstyles.

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SU Hair Mask
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SU Milk
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Types of Summer Hair Damage

The type of hair damage is caused by the sun’s UV rays. It can cause the hair protein to break down, leading to dryness, dehydration, frizz, and affect the color of your hair, too.

Swimming pools and showers are the biggest culprits of chlorine damage. The chemical is capable of causing breakage, dryness, and discoloration.

Salt water can contribute to dryness, dehydration, and frizz. Though a little bit of occasional salt exposure is fine, a long summer of it can cause damage.

Humidity itself doesn’t cause immense damage to your hair, but handling tresses incorrectly in humid environments can lead to concerns like breakage and frizz.

After Summer Haircare FAQs


Hair is often dry, dehydrated, splitting, or facing some other form of damage by the end of summer. Visit an expert in-salon for the best reparative treatments and use restorative products at home, too, like moisturizing shampoos, nourishing conditioners, and rejuvenating hair masks.


Damaged hair or strands that are feeling a little lackluster can be brought back to life through professional salon treatments and an at-home routine with restorative products. Speak with a stylist to find a routine that’s best for your hair type and the damage it has.


Use preventative measures to minimize hair breakage. Nourishing shampoos, conditioners, and masks as well as protective styling products are essential. Be gentle with your hair and avoid brushing roughly or exposing it to additional heat.


The best line of defense is a combination of good hair products and physical protection. Prep hair with nourishing cleanse and condition then use a UV or heat protectant prior to styling. If you’re outside, a hair covering like a hat, can be helpful, too.

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