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Top 10 Summer Hair Care Tips to Beat the Heat


Summer is the season of sun, fun, and…frizz? Most of us are aware of the damage the summer weather can cause to our skin, but what about our hair?

Many of us find our hair is dry, frizzy, and damaged in the summer. For some people, their scalp becomes flaky; for others, their hair color may change in the summer months. The primary contributors to hair’s summer woes are:


High heat also wreaks havoc on healthy hair. Intense UV rays can damage the hair’s cuticle and cause dry hair. The drier hair becomes, the more humid air it will try to soak up to rebalance, ultimately causing it to become more frizzy.


Summer heat is sometimes accompanied by high humidity, or moisture in the air. When it’s humid, your hair soaks up some of this excess moisture, causing your hair shafts to swell and your cuticles to break. And broken cuticles lead to frizzy hair.


Swimming exposes your hair to further damage. The chlorine found in pool water strips hair of its natural oil, leaving it exposed to other pool chemicals which can bind to the hair shaft and cause changes in hair color. And if you are swimming in the ocean or the sea, the salt water dries out your hair, damaging it.

Hair Care Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Keeping your skin, scalp, and hair healthy through a few months of summer weather can be easier with the appropriate routine. Here are our top 10 summer hair care tipsto maintain shiny, nourished hair all summer long.

Davines SU for summer protection

Tip #1: Fight Against Frizz And Dehydration

As we explained above, the combination of dry hair and humid air can cause some hair types to become impossibly frizzy and damaged during the summer months. If you’re prone to frizz, wash your hair with a softening shampoo in the summer like SU Hair and Body Wash. After shampooing, consider our deep conditioning treatment SU Hair Mask. This will lock in moisture and protect your hair from drying out. The hair mask can replenish nutrients in your hair, creating an anti-frizz effect: leave it on for 5-10 minutes after washing for instant smoothness.

SU Milk Davines sun protection

Finally, if you have colored hair, use a sun-protecting hair milk like SU Hair Milk during times of excess sun exposure. This leave-in conditioning spray protects color from damaging UV rays. SU Hair Milk is great for use both before and after sun exposure:

Before: SU Hair Milk protects the hair thanks to anti UV-A and UV-B filters, preventing it from drying out and becoming damaged by the sun’s rays.

After: Use it after sun exposure as an additional conditioning treatment after SU Hair & Body wash, that moisturizes your hair and skin after being outside

Tip #2: Avoid Applying Additional Heat

When you’re out and about during the summer, your hair gets blasted with some pretty intense heat – even if you’re not laying out at the beach all day. Avoid hitting your hair with even more heat by skipping the blow dryer and laying off the flat iron or curling iron. Those minutes of heat styling add up fast, and they can cause extra stress on hair that’s already struggling with heat damage.

Also remember that letting your hair air dry is a gesture of care not only for your hair but also for the planet. The hairdryer and other hot tools consume energy, so when the weather and your schedule allow it, it may be a sustainable choice to avoid them. Especially in summer, you can contribute to reducing the impact of your hair care habits and make them more virtuous.

If a wet head isn’t exactly your look, try washing your hair at night and sleeping on wet hair. Your hair will dry out naturally overnight, and you can style it in the morning. You could even try sleeping in a wet braid or hair rollers for some ready-to-go shape and volume!

Davines dry shampoo

Tip #3: Wash Less Often

If you typically wash your hair every day, try switching to washing every other day (or every three!) instead. Depending on your hair type, washing less frequently is probably better for your hair – and for the planet’s water resources as well!

If your hair appears overly oily between one shampoo and the other, then you can try our Hair Refresher dry shampoo, or the new More Inside Invisible Dry Shampoo: it will absorb excess sebum, leaving hair clean and soft. What’s more, it can also be used for styling, to add volume and texture to the hair.

Tip #4: Opt for Cooler Water 

When having your shower, opt for a cooler water temperature: warm, but not boiling hot. It will refresh your skin and scalp, but also reduce the amount of energy used to warm the water and therefore lessen the CO2 emitted during your haircare routine. And remember to shut off the water while you massage the shampoo or the conditioner, turn the running water on only to rinse: we know that shower is a moment of relaxion for you; but if it is too long, it can cause stress on the planet, especially in those regions where water is scarce.

Tip #5: Wear Cooler Styles

Raise your hand if you like having sweaty hair stuck to the back of your neck all summer. Nobody? Pull your hair up during the summer months for instant coolness. If ponytails aren’t your style, go for loose, wavy hair that won’t lay flat on your neck. 

Tip #6: Swim Responsibly

If you’re going to be swimming, protect your hair before and after you dunk your ‘do. For a natural fix, SU Hair Milk can be spread on hair like conditioner after washing or on dry hair for minutes to hours as a nourishing hair mask. After swimming, rinse your hair in cold water and rehydrate with more SU Hair Milk.

Tip #7: Beware of the Brush

Rough brushing can yank out hair roots and snap fragile summer hair into pieces. Instead, use combs – particularly on wet hair, which is more fragile than dry hair. 

Tip #8: Be Careful with Color

Colored hair is extra-susceptible to damage in the summer months. This summer, opt for skipping your typical color routine, or go for a gentle highlight instead of a full bleach. If you do color your hair, use deep conditioning treatments to help prevent dryness and damage.

Tip #9: Hats vs. Heat

Hats, bandanas and scarfs are a great way to shelter your hair from the sun’s damaging rays, but what about hat hair? The best way to prevent it is to wear a loose-brimmed hat and use dry shampoo or a volumizing spray to keep your hair from getting flattenedBut don’t just protect your hair this summer, try out some new styles too! We love a chic bandana wrapped around loose, wavy locks or around a cute bun with some tendril bangs pulled out.

Davines short hairstyles

Tip #10: Short Hair Summer

There’s nothing like short hair for an effortless summer look. From tiny buns to a dramatic pixie cut, the possibilities are endless when you decide to go bold above the shoulder. Just make sure to protect your neckwith some aftersun skincare, since this sensitive area will be newly exposed to the sun.

Say Hello to Healthy Summer Hair with Davines

Watching summer slip away with a head of dry, damaged hair isn’t inevitable. Davines can help you have the healthiest summer hair ever through our natural beauty products, which are free of toxins and environmentally conscious. Try out a few of our top summer hair care tips to nourish your hair this summer.

For colored hair

For dry hair

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