Choosing the Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

We are firm believers in loving yourself exactly as you are. But let’s face it, certain colors compliment each other, whether it’s in our wardrobes, makeup arsenal, or (you guessed it) hair color. And if you’re one of the lucky few to have won the gloriously-green-eyes-lottery, then you have surely tried a thing or two to accentuate them. Interestingly, certain hues are naturally flattering to green eyes no matter how you slice or dice it, but others enhance particular skin tones. That’s why it’s just as important to consider your complexion when choosing the hair color that best compliments your green eyes. 

We’re breaking it all down for you here, and even if you have blue, brown or hazel eyes, there are still tips you can take away to make your hair color as eye-catching as possible, while also considering all your other (wonderful) assets. 

Know Your Skin Tone

We all know how expensive a trip to the hair salon can be. That’s why it’s so important to know what color hair dye, balayage or highlights will suit you best before you ever step foot in one. Because no matter how badly you might want a certain color, your skin tone can dictate much of it. Here’s how to know where you fall in the complexion rainbow.   

Warm, Cool or Neutral – Which Are You? 

First off, skin tone is not your skin color. Look at your wrists in the sunlight. If your veins appear blue or purple, odds are you have a cool skin tone. If they look green, you have warm undertones. Falling somewhere in between the two, or having a less straightforward answer (where you can’t really tell), means you probably belong in the neutral or olive skin tone category. 

What Hair Color is Best For You

Here’s the breakdown that takes into account your skin color (fair to dark), as well as skin tone. Keep in mind, this is only a guide because many people may fall in between categories.

Fair Skin

If you are fair skinned with warm undertones, stick to shades of platinum, silver, ash, beige and champagne. Cooler undertones should go gold, caramel, honey and butterscotch, and the best shades for those with neutral undertones are reds — true red, strawberry blonde, auburn, copper, amber and rust.

Medium Skin

Those with medium skin and warm undertones should look to dark chocolate, chestnut, dark auburn and mocha. Cool undertones should think caramel, honey, golden brown, amber, mahogany and cinnamon. And for neutral undertones, your best shades include espresso, soft-black and licorice.

Dark Skin

If you have dark skin with warm undertones, your best shades include caramel, golden brown and butterscotch. Cool undertones should stick with dark mocha and brown-black, while neutral undertones should opt for auburn red, reddish-brown and chestnut.

Green eyes blonde hair

Best Hair Colors for Green Eyes

Now that you’ve considered your complexion, and what works best with it, it’s time to get to the good stuff… the hair colors that truly compliment green eyes, and make the already-gorgeous color truly striking.

Shades of Blonde Hair

If you’re looking to go blonde, your options are virtually endless, but this should help. Again, your complexion matters, and certain blonde hues simply go better with certain skin tones. Also something to consider is that blonde can be a full-time commitment. Achieving the shade you want can be incredibly damaging, so just know what you’re getting into, and that it takes some upkeep. If you’re still set on blonde, determine what hue is best for you.

Golden Blonde

This rich, golden hue is the gold standard (pun very much intended) if you have a warm skin tone. Add some beautiful, buttery highlights the way the stars do, and those green eyes will come alive. 

Honey Blonde

This sassy, yet warm, shade mixes golden yellow with moodier amber-brown tones.

Platinum Blonde

If you want to bring the drama and go icy all year round, platinum blonde is the perfect hair color to make those green eyes pop, especially if you’re pale-skinned. It’s a beautiful, bold contrast that makes people take notice. The only caution here is the bleaching process, and the difficulty in maintaining the color. It’s just something to keep in mind for this free-spirited choice.

Strawberry Blonde

This subtle red/blonde combo is a striking option for those with lighter, warm skin tones. Of course the spectrum of strawberry is also incredibly vast, but no matter the shade, the end result is a stunning, shimmering option.

Ash Blonde

This simple, natural-looking blonde (that almost starts to reach brown status) is a great, low-maintenance choice that’s easy to wear. Since this shade is a mix of cool grey tones as much as blonde hues, this color is particularly perfect for those with cool skin undertones.

Brown hair green eyes

Shades of Brown Hair

As you’re probably starting to notice, green eyes can look great with virtually any hair color, and brown is no exception. A natural, all-purpose color like brown allows those radiant eyes to pop, while still keeping the locks natural. Plus, the shade varieties are as diverse as the celebrities who don them, so the options here are limitless.


Brown Hair

Brown is anything but boring. Sometimes said to be a ‘mousy’ color, we say quite the opposite — that brown hair with green eyes can be rich, bright and truly stunning.

Golden Brown Hair

If you want to know how to achieve movie star status with golden brown locks and gorgeous green eyes, look no further. The epitome of sophistication, these A-listers rock golden brown all the way to the red carpet and back.  

Chocolate Brown Hair

The warmth of rich, chocolate brown hair can look especially flattering on those with deep olive skin tones.

Light Brown Hair

Soft brown locks give off a gentle allure, and the Hollywood elite are all over it.

Chestnut Brown Hair

This butterscotch, reddish brown hue has hints of caramel honey and light brown, and many celebrities have played around with this beautiful shade.

Ash Brown Hair

A darker take on ash blonde is, you guessed it, ash brown. Really more of a gray-brown, this hue is an easy option when brunettes want to tone down their color. And just like ash blonde, this shade looks fabulous with cool-toned skin. 

Dark Brown Hair

The list of famous, dark brown bombshells runs deep, and for good reason. Dark brown locks command attention, especially when paired with green eyes.

Auburn Hair

On the color wheel, auburn starts to skew red (made up of a variety of shades), and since red sits opposite of green (again, talking color wheel here), it makes auburn a complete knockout color for green-eyed people. That hair-eye combo is one you’re not sure to forget. 

Copper Hair

While auburn is made up of richer reds and browns, copper has more of golden red/orange undertones to it. People with fair skin look absolutely stunning with copper hair because of the contrast it provides, but darker skin, or even neutral tones can still pull it off.

Black Hair

A striking combo that draws attention for all the right reasons is green eyes paired with black hair. One thing to note if you have pale skin — black hair can make you look washed out, so just make sure you find the right shade of black. 

Red hair green eyes

Hair Products to Maintain Color-Treated Hair

Keep in mind that color-treated hair takes a continued commitment of quality hair care, and the right products will not only put your routine on the proper track, but successfully keep the color from fadingA few standouts include purple shampoo, one of the most valuable products in keeping the brassiness in blondes and browns at bay. Below is a bit more of a breakdown. 

Color-Safe Products

Switch out your shampoo and conditioner to a color-safe option such as the Davines MINU Shampoo and Conditioner, specifically designed to help cleanse, protect and illuminate cosmetically-colored hair. The Alchemic line is another collection that enhances cosmetic (and natural) color.

Hydration and Hair Masks

Opt for nourishing products when you are color-treating your hair. MINU Hair Serum is an ultra moisturizing leave-in serum for all colored hair types. It’s specifically formulated to extend the color’s duration and leave it looking hydrated and shiny.  

Regularly using hair masks can also keep color-treated hair hydrated and moisturized. Add one once a week instead of a conditioner as a nourishing addition to your routine. The NOUNOU Hair Mask, for example, is a great repairing mask for color-treated hair that restores hydration. 

The Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with choosing the best hair color for green eyes if you consider your assets and what colors compliment —but more than that— accentuate them. Green eyes are beautiful all on their own, but we’re all about enhancing our natural beauty, and these tips will help you do just that. Combine your choice with the proper, color-enhancing products to maintain your beautifully-chosen color for even longer. You can also book an appointment with a Davines colorist to get professional advice on the best hair color for your green eyes. Until then, make them all green with envy. (Sorry, we had to do it.) 

by Morgan Hanson, featured contributor

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