A Guide to the Perfect Cut with Face Framing Layers

One way to spice up an old haircut is with layers. Adding layers instantly transforms any cut, making it feel fresh and new. Regardless of your hair type, you can benefit from adding layers to your hair. On thin hair, layers give the illusion of fuller strands and on thick hair, they remove bulkiness. But not all layers are the same, and there are different ways to add them. 

Today we’re talking face framing layers. What are face framing layers? Face framing layers are layers border the face; they can be long and blended, making them barely noticeable, or they can be short and choppy for more of a statement. Face framing layers are a great way to highlight or soften your features. They’re also the perfect hair hack for adding volume. We asked our global stylist team for the best face framing layered hairstyles and we’re breaking down all the details below — including how to style face framing layers and the best products to use.

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Choosing the Right Cut for Your Face Shape

Choosing the right face-framing haircut for your face shape is a must when it comes to choosing a cut with face framing layers. Here are some tips to know.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shapes can pull off most styles, as they have the most universal and symmetrical face shapes. An oval-shaped face features a forehead and jawline that are equally slender, with a touch of width at the cheekbones. Layered face framing pieces are ideal to highlight this. 

Heart-Shaped Face

Because the layers don't fall at the widest part of the face, these layers look especially flattering on people with heart-shaped faces. One of the best hairstyles to soften a pointy chin and disguise a wider forehead, face-framing bangs are a go-to style, balancing the width of this face shape.

Round Face Shape

Face framing layers are flattering on round faces because the layers create a slimming effect. They’re customizable and work with any hair texture and length to complement a round face. Plus this hairstyle can work for any hair length, as layers can be left out around the face when their hair is pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

Square Face Shape

Square faces are more angular and defined. Highlight all those angles with a shorter cut and textured face framing layers. This is the ideal layered haircut for a square face shape because it slims the neck, and creates volume in the crown. Plus layers soften up the look of a square jaw and create a flattering contrast.

Pear-Shaped Face

A pear-shaped face means that the widest points of your jaw are slightly wider than the widest points of your hairline. Those with pear faces need volume and movement above the chin to create balance. Adding some face framing pieces that start no lower than the nose will do just that.

Oblong Face Shape

Don't think that long and layerless is the only option for an oblong face. In reality, face framing layers are incredibly flattering on long face shapes. A textured face framed haircut adds width making the face more symmetric.

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Getting the Perfect Cut

Wondering how to cut face framing layers? They can be cut a number of different ways, depending on the look you want, your hair length, texture, and type. Getting the perfect layered haircut depends on communication with your hairstylist. Bring in pictures or examples of the look you're trying to achieve to help your stylist understand your desired outcome. These are the best face framing layered hairstyles according to our stylists.

Lob with Face Framing Layers

The lob is a haircut with the longest layer ending between your chin and shoulders. It can be easily adapted for most hair textures, even permed hair. Adding face framing layers adds a level of versatility when it comes to styling a lob. They help draw attention to your face and add movement, shape, and volume.

Chin-Length with Bangs and Face Framing Layers

A chin-length cut with bangs and face framing layers is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50. This bob hairstyle can be adapted to suit all hair textures and personalized with different bangs. Adding face framing layers creates a contouring effect, which is particularly flattering for the cheekbones and jawline.

Long Locks with Subtle Face Framing Layers

If you have straight long hair, it can be challenging to create volume and movement. And that’s where subtle face framing layers come in. Layers are great for giving hair shape, volume, and texture, and there are several options to choose from, including face framing pieces.

Shaggy Face Framing Layers

Choppy face framing layers in the form of a shag haircut is a versatile layered hairstyle that works on most hair types and textures. Shaggy layers give fine hair movement and remove bulk from thick hair. Face framing layers are low-maintenance and look great on shags of all lengths.

Maintaining Your Look

Face framing layers are cut around the face to draw attention to and highlight your features. They can be added to all hair textures. Styling your face framing layers is important to keep them looking their best. These tips will help you maintain your face framing hairstyle.

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Get regular trims

The best way to maintain face framing layers is to keep them at the perfect length, which means trimming them often. Plan on seeing your hairdresser for a trim every 3 weeks to keep your layers looking polished. If you're more relaxed about them growing out, you may be able to stretch it to five.

Use the right products

Your hair products are the backbone of your face framing hairstyle. After washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and wringing the excess water out of your hair, work a leave-in conditioner into your damp hair. Follow with a hair serum or mousse for your hair type, then heat protectant (heat protection is always must but especially if you use bleach or hair color, or have dry or damaged strands). Finally, set your style with a finishing spray.

Style your hair with heat tools

Wondering how to style face framing layers? Use heat. Start blow-drying at your neck, brushing hair up and away from your scalp using a paddle brush. When your hair is 75 percent dry, switch to a round brush to smooth and create volume. Once dry, use a wand to make two or three curls facing away from each side of your face.

Protect your hair from environmental damage

Pollution damage can make your hair dry, dull, and lifeless. This is a particularly important step for anyone living in a bigger city, where environmental pollution tends to be more concentrated. Protect your layers against environmental damage with a weekly scalp scrub to get rid of leftover grime as well as dead skin cells, excess oil, and product residue. 

Experiment with different styles

Layered haircuts are perfect for experimenting and trying out different styles. There are so many layered hairstyle variations, and they have stood the test of time. From the choppy, flipped out layered cuts of the 70s and 80s to the softer more modern. Face framing layered haircuts are an excellent way to bring more volume and shape to your hair, regardless of its texture or length. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram wondering if you should get layers in your hair, the answer is yes! There are currently tons of extremely chic and trendy layered haircuts that will help you update your locks and refresh your style.

The Bottom Line

Layers are incredibly versatile and instantly transform any haircut, making it feel brand new. Regardless of your hair type, you can benefit from adding layers to your hair. Face framing layers in particular are one of the easiest hairstyles and can be worn by women of all ages. They’re customizable and can be added to all hair lengths and textures. They can be subtly long and blended, or boldly short and choppy. Face framing layers are a great way to highlight or soften your features, and make the perfect hair hack for volume. If you’re ready to update your look with some face-framing layers, and we’ve inspired you with one of our layered styles, book an appointment with a Davines hair stylist. And remember to use only high quality hair products to care for and style your layers. Our hair care isn’t just good for your hair, it’s good for the planet.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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