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Coastline Reflects

Hair Art Director Tom Connell’s latest collection takes self-expression to a new level, inspired by sun, sea and sky

Bronzed sand, whitewashed stones, rust-coloured rocks and pearlescent sunlight gleaming on ocean waves. Imagine yourself walking along the coast, the sun warming your skin - and highlighting the natural beauty of your hair. The rich colours glowing with vitality, the style relaxed and uniquely you. Welcome to Coastline Reflects.

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Brushed bronze

The combination of copper and ash tones is what makes the new Bronze addition to our VIEW line pop. The result is a deep, rich, antiqued bronze look, perfect for curly hair, creating an eye-catching shine as the light catches the curves of each ringlet and wave.

Style your way


Your curls will look their best with a boost of moisture from MORE INSIDE Curl Building Serum and OI Oil.


Get polished, chunky curls using MORE INSIDE Invisible Serum and MORE INSIDE Shimmering Mist.

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Shimmer blend

A blend of three delicate shades from our VIEW collection - Golden Blonde, Iridescent Beige Dark Blonde, and Bronze - elevates long, uniform-length hair with a touch of metallic shine. These tones add warmth to the cool metallic hues, showcasing both to full effect while adding a mesmerising and dynamic quality to the look. 

Style your way


Give your curls the right amount of body and separation with a base of MORE INSIDE Blow Dry Primer, used in combination with MORE INSIDE Invisible Serum to create definition.


Use MORE INSIDE Relaxed Moisturising Fluid to give hair a smooth effect, polished to a high, glass-like shine with the addition of MORE INSIDE Shimmering Mist.

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Metallic frame

This stunning look features Ruby, a new nuance within the VIEW colour line that blends perfectly with the warm and cool metallic shades of the coppers. The colours work harmoniously with a fringed, collarbone-length cut, inspired by style icon Jane Birkin, offering a chance to reveal the metallic flecks or disguise them, depending on your mood.

Style your way


Balance movement and shine with a combination of MORE INSIDE Dry Texturizer and MORE INSIDE Oil Non Oil for an authentically undone feel.


Achieve weightless definition by layering up MORE INSIDE Texturizing Dust with our new, super light MORE INSIDE Dry Wax Finishing Spray.

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Metallic anti-frame

Styled in a classic Italian mid-length bob, the natural beauty of medium blonde is elevated with subtle flashes of metallic blonde tones, strategically hidden away from the face. These added depths come from the combination of Bronze and Golden Blonde, which is new to the VIEW colour line.

Style your way


A blow-dry with MORE INSIDE Blow-Dry Primer, finished with our new MORE INSIDE Dry Wax Finishing Spray, creates a weightless finish complemented by texture and definition.


This easy look is created with MORE INSIDE Texturising Serum, holding the hair back to softly frame the face.

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Find the your salon

Express the natural beauty of your hair with your favourite Coastline Reflects colour and style, available exclusively from our experts at your nearest Davines salon.

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NEW Dry Wax Finishing Spray for Coastline Reflects

We’re proud to introduce the latest addition to the MORE INSIDE collection. Dry Wax Finishing Spray is a versatile styling product that is perfect for creating and reworking undone texturing in both long and short hair, giving it natural definition and a semi-matte finish!

Enhance your style at home

Keep your look salon fresh with the versatile MORE INSIDE range, where you’ll find something for every hair type and style. For standalone use or as a combination, the state-of-the-art formulas contain a blend of active ingredients that offer specific benefits, whether you’re looking for definition, volume or enhanced texture.

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Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh HodgesDavines Colour Ambassador

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