Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

For color-treated hair that is chemically damaged or has dry texture. With rich, hydrating formulas, provide deep nourishment and hydration, and restore softness and shine to color-treated hair. 

Shampoo for Color Treated Hair
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For so many of us, we cite our hair color as part of what makes us unique. From bright, bubbly blonde to fiery, eye-catching red to dramatic, jet black, we cherish our color and, for many of us, we spend a fair amount of time and money achieving the perfect hue. Once we’ve found a shade or combination of shades that we love, it’s crucial to adhere to a consistent hair care routine to protect and preserve the color.

Each strand of hair contains the cortex, which is responsible for the texture, shape, and color of your hair. Surrounding the cortex, the cuticle acts as a shield against environmental stressors, pollutants, and certain chemical products. Modern hair color works to change our natural shade by penetrating the hair cuticle and working its way to the cortex.

Natural Shampoo for Colored Hair

This process inherently has some damaging effects. However, using a shampoo for color treated hair helps to restore moisture and fortify the hair cuticle once again. Additionally, conventional, non-specific shampoos simply remove dirt, grime, and oil. They don’t actively reverse the fading of hair color overtime. Those who want to protect their treasured shade from fading, turning brassy, or turning green should use a shampoo for color treated hair.

Shampoo for color treated hair uses milder ingredients than conventional shampoos and often contain additional moisturizing ingredients to reverse damage from bleaching. Davines shampoo for color treated hair prioritizes the use of natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to replenishing thirsty strands while cleaning the scalp of excess oil. Many of our shampoos for color treated hair use neutralizing dyes to ensure the color you left the salon with is the one you’ll return with.

Gone are the days of blonde fading to a light green, blue, or orange from sun, pollution, and hard water. Rich browns and blacks can remain dramatic and bold, instead of shifting to flat, one-dimensional shades. By using a shampoo for color treated hair, you’ll save money by lengthening time between salon visits, promote a silky smooth texture, and ensure your hair is getting plenty of moisture so it can remain happy and healthy.

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