Shampoo for Coarse Hair

Hydrate, smooth and detangle with our shampoos for coarse hair. Thick, coarse hair can become manageable and soft with the right shampoo, so shop this collection to find the perfect match for you.

Shampoo for Coarse Hair
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Coarse hair means that the individual hair shafts are thicker than average. Many confuse coarse hair with thick hair or curly hair, but they are not the same. The terms coarse, thick, and fine actually relate to a strand measurement, taken in microns. Hair density, which references the amount of follicles that occur on the scalp, can vary widely no matter the hair type you have. Curly, straight, or wave relates to the shape of the strand - no matter its density or micron measurement. Let’s dive in. Coarse hair can be tricky to live with, style, and maintain if choosing incorrect or unhealthy products for coarse hair. However, opting for natural, non-toxic shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that specifically target coarse hair can make your thick, luscious strands enviable, indeed.

Moisturizing Products for Coarse Hair

Typical concerns of those with coarse hair include dryness, frizziness, and stubbornness when achieving certain styles. Davines products for coarse hair remedy each of these pain points through naturally-derived hair care. Our products for coarse hair introduce moisture back to each thick hair shaft, smoothing the actual cortex and reducing frizz, strand by strand.

Shampoo your hair gently as rough lathering can cause undue tangles and hair breakage. For those with extremely coarse hair, co-wash with conditioner only. This works to remove dirt and grime without stripping too much of the moisture from the hair follicles. Upon cleansing your hair, hydration is still key and can be fostered through a nourishing hair oil, serum, or leave-in conditioner.

Smoothing and hydrating is the name of the game for individuals with this hair type. Products for coarse hair should be free from sulfates and parabens, as these cause excess drying and irritation. Depending on the style you aim to achieve, consider using a hair mask each week to seal in moisture and coat strands in nourishing antioxidants.

While coarse hair may feel like an obstacle needing to be overcome, when properly cared for, this hair type lends to some of the most beautiful styles, braids, and updos. You already have the volume for a luscious head of hair, now it’s time to get it tangle-free, frizz-proof, and smooth with our products for coarse hair.

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