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Top 7 Davines products for blonde or bleached hair

Explore all our blonde care heroes and meet the newest product  from  Heart of Glass

Shiny, full of life, bold. Blonde hair is a symbol of positive energy, but it also requires a lot of care to preserve its glam. That's why we created Heart of Glass, the Davines line specifically formulated to provide extra-love to all blonde hair. And now we're excited to debut a new hero for blondes: Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow, a reinforcing serum treatment for immediate shine.

NEW! Reinforcing shine serum for blondes

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Repairing and strengthening the hair fiber is crucial for all blondes. Enriched with Biacidic bond complex and Illuminating amino concentrate, the new Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow is a quick treatment with a serum texture, that instantly reinforces the hair plus promotes extra-shine, while prolonging the blonde intensity.

  • Reinforcing action
  • Anti-breakage effect
  • Extraordinary shine
  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting color protection

How to make blonde hair stronger and shinier

The new Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow is immeditately effective and is highly moisturizing without weighing hair down. The alcohol-free formula makes this product the perfect partner for bleached and toned blondes, but its effectiveness has been tested on all types of blonde hair, both treated and natural. The results are exceptional.

How to use the new Instant Bonding Glow

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One of the coolest things about the new Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow is that its serum-like formula makes it very easy to apply, and is effective immediately with no processing time

  • After shampooing, remove excess water from the hair and apply the product directly to lengths and ends
  • Massage to cover the hair evenly, comb to distribute the product to the roots and eventually rinse thoroughly
  • If your hair is naturally blonde or if you've only had a mild bleaching, Instant Bonding Glow can replace the use of the conditioner or mask, helping you save time in your hair routine. 
  • You can even apply it with every wash, to maximize the strengthening and illuminating action, also adding a color protection effect.

Blue shampoo and conditioner to enhance your blonde

A good blonde care routine starts from the basis: shampoo and conditioner. Both Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo and Rich Conditioner have a very unique blue color derived from the natural extract of Jagua.This extract also guarantees a brightening action and a delicate chromatic balancing of the hair shades, and is perfect for all types of blondes. Remember that blonde, lightened or bleached hair can be particularly fragile, so when blow-drying, don't forget to spray a leave-in heat protector like Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze.

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Sheer Glaze

Nourishing mask and treatment for bleached or lightened hair

Hair subjected to coloring processes need to restore the nourishment of the fiber. Remember to apply the Heart of Glass Intense Treatment at least once per week. But if your hair is particularly damaged or was heavily bleached, you can also opt for something stronger once per month, such as the Nourishing Hair Building Pack. Another possibility is The Renaissance Circle mask that not only restores damaged blonde strands, but it also comes in a soft and resealable package (perfect for use at the gym or anytime you travel).

Blonde hair care FAQs: you asked, we answered

Since we first launched Heart of Glass — the Davines haircare system specifically formulated for blonde hair — many have contacted us for advice. Below are some of your most frequently asked questions. 

Still not sure? Ask your hairdresser!

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Whenever you have any doubts about the care of your blonde, you can ask your trusted Davines hairdresser for advice. Or, if you are not blonde and are thinking of becoming one, call for an appointment and ask for a color consultation dedicated to you.

Davines offers color services suitable for all needs, demi-permanent or permanent colors, lightening, balayage and much more. But only the hairdresser, by observing your hair and your complexion, can guide you in the best way in choosing the perfect blonde for you.

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