Summer Curl Tips for Naturally Textured Hair

Naturally curly-haired girls know their strands require a little extra effort when it comes to styling, and that’s especially the case during the summer, when frizz is in full-swing thanks to the humidity and heat. But that doesn’t mean you need to hide under a hat all season, we’ve got the tips to care for and style curly hair during the hottest, steamiest time of the year.

1. Control your curls

To create beautifully corkscrewed texture make sure you’re washing withDavines Love Curl Shampoo orLove Curl Cleansing Cream (depending on how tight your curls are) about every four days. Love Curl uses almond extract to hydrate textured hair without disrupting the structure, enhancing its volume, shine and manageability. Follow up withDavines Love Curl Conditioner. For more on the correct way to wash your hair, see our previous post here.

2. Define your curls

A hydrating mousse encourages volume while maintaining the individual shape of your ringlets. Flyaways? Fuzz? Flat pieces? Embrace it all and let it mix in with your defined spirals for a modern take on curly hair. Just prep damp hair withDavines This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse before drying with a diffuser to lift fine strands. 

3. Protect your curls

Long, loose, and perfectly imperfect are the curls of summer-time dreams. To maintain healthy spirals, make sure you’re using a weekly hair mask like Davines Love Curl Hair Mask to nourish and detangle your curls.

4. Reshape your curls

Foam rollers are a super gentle and effective way to reshape curls without using heat. After your hair has set in them, unroll the rods and rake through your coils to separate the texture.

 5. Fluff your curls

Think of frizz as the structure that holds up your curls, and to encourage that body, you need to fluff the interior of your hair once or twice a day. Shake, scrunch, and lift your hair to get it fuller and bigger. At night, separate your hair along a center part in the back to avoid flattening the volume.

6. Hydrate your curls

You can't over-hydrate dense, coarse curls. Double up on hydration by applying a leave-in treatmentDavines Love Curl Revitalizer while your hair is dripping wet. The product will absorb into your hair while it dries.

7. Use the right amount of product

Go in lightly with product and build gradually as you need. Work a small drop into your ends first, and spread the product up toward the scalp. Wherever the product starts to feel like it's sitting on the outside of the hair shaft rather than soaking in, that's where to stop.

Don’t let the harsh elements of the season take a toll on your spirals. Keep these tips in your beauty arsenal and rock those natural curls all summer.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

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