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What Are The Most Effective Hair Treatments?

There are many treatment options available these days to help you give your hair the boost it needs, from home-care products to specialist salon treatments. Here’s how to find the right treatment option for you.

When it comes to caring for your hair, there are times when it’s important to go beyond your day-to-day routine and tackle particular challenges with a dedicated treatment. Whether your hair is prone to dryness or you want to boost the shine and radiance, hair care treatments are designed to do the deep work. We're discussing the benefits of in-salon and at-home treatments to help your hair look it's best.

Get Help Identifying Your Hair Care Challenges

One of the key reasons why in-salon treatments are so effective is that they are delivered by experts. At Davines, every treatment begins with a thorough consultation so that we only use the right products for you.

For example: you might think your hair is dry, but your salon expert will be able to tell you if it’s just naturally dry, damaged by heat, or whether you’re simply over-washing. 

Understanding the root causes of your hair care problem means they can recommend the best treatment, rather than leaving you to guess.

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When You Need A Customized Treatment

Your salon expert will also be able to ensure that the solution you choose isn’t going to exacerbate a secondary challenge. As an example, if you want your fine hair to be both voluminous and silky, they’ll know to avoid a heavy based product, which will give you that soft shine but will weigh fine hair down.

The more customized a treatment is to your unique hair, the better the results you’ll see. 

If you’re a fan of our Naturaltech range of products — the ultimate blend of nature and technology — you’re going to love our next launch. Keep an eye on our social channels or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when it’s available.

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Are At-Home Treatments Effective?

At Davines, our at-home products are made to the same high standards of sustainability and efficacy as the ones we use in our salons. The difference is that with an in-salon experience, you have access to a qualified hair expert who is able to provide a consultation.Let’s face it, there’s a lot of choice out there, and it can be really difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing and even applying at-home treatments. There’s something very reassuring about having an expert right there to guide you. Once you’ve had that reassurance and guidance, you will be better equipped to choose the right at-home treatment, extending the positive results from the salon by creating a personalized daily routine.

Find The Right Treatment For You

If you’re looking for support to give your hair what it needs to thrive, speak to a Davines expert today. They will be able to run you through a thorough diagnostic process and recommend exactly the right treatment for you.

Salon-Quality Products To Try At Home

If you do want to prolong the in-salon results at home, here are some of the Davines products you might like to consider.


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Instant Bonding Glow

An intense cosmetic treatment to reinforce blonde hair, with Biacidic bond complex and Baobab extract to strengthen and help to prevent breakage, while nourishing and brightening.


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NOURISHING Hair Building Pack

A restructuring mask for damaged hair, with vegetal keratin and Biacidic bond complex to nourish, strengthen and protect hair from oxidative damage, leaving it soft and full-bodied.


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OI Liquid Luster

A weightless rinse-out treatment for all hair types, giving an instant illuminating effect and a smooth finish. Hair is instantly ultra shiny, silky and super soft, with a radiant glass-like finish.

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