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Regenerate the Earth on Green Friday


Can Black Friday help the planet? Yes, if you turn it into a Green one! On November 25th, 100% of online sales will be donated to support Rodale Institute and regenerative organic agriculture.

Continuing the yearly tradition that we started in 2019, your haircare can help regenerate the earth. We are proud to announce that all online sales on November 25th will be donated to support Rodale Instituteand regenerative organic agriculture.

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Celebrating Green Friday

Green Friday is a movement that began in France in 2017 to propose a sustainable alternative to Black Friday. As our knowledge of climate change — and the impact of mankind in this process — has deepened, Green Friday has also expanded.

Davines has participated in Green Friday since 2019, and we look at this day as an opportunity to encourage our community to make empowered purchases that have a positive impact on the planet. 

This year we've committed to donating 100% of online sales to Rodale Institute to support the regenerative organic agriculture movement. 

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Beyond sustainability

The decision to donate 100% Green Friday sales to Rodale Institute came naturally: it's a continuation of an amazing partnership that began in 2021. Last year, Davines and Rodale Institute founded the new European Regenerative Organic Center (EROC), a research and education hub at our headquarters in Parma that aims at expanding the supply of regenerative organic ingredients and providing farmer training. 

In 2022, this long-term project reached some fundamental milestones. We have been able to welcome thousands of members of the Davines community to see the first research and agricultural field cultivated according to the regenerative organic principles.

WE STAND / for regeneration

This year we also launched WE STAND / for regeneration, a delicate hair and body wash enriched with a special activist ingredient — Barbera grape pomace extract — grown with regenerative organic agriculture. 

Barbera grape pomace extract leaves you with softer skin and shiny and hydrated hydrated hair. It is cultivated near Parma, Italy in collaboration Rodale Institute. 
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Green Friday FAQs

  • WHERE IS THE DONATION GOING? All online sales on Friday, November 25th will be donated to Rodale Institute. Founded in Pennsylvania, Rodale Institute has been trailblazing the regenerative organic movement through research, farmer training and consumer education since 1947, coining the phrase “regenerative organic” in the 1980s. 
  • WHAT IS REGENERATIVE ORGANIC AGRICULTURE? It is a holistic method of farming that has the potential to mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil while safeguarding biodiversity. It balances farmworker fairness and prioritizes soil health to help heal the Earth. 
  • IS SHIPPING CARBON NEUTRAL TODAY? Yes, we offer free carbon neutral shipping on every order, not just for Green Friday! We partner with Cloverly to calculate the carbon emissions of shipping each order based on location, and offset them. 

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Our first global socio-environmental campaign, protecting biodiversity and promoting regenerative organic agriculture. 

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On our path of creating a good life for all, we are honored to share with you our impact report for 2021/2022.

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From shampoo to styling! Meet our most loved formulas, that are good for your hair and the planet, too.

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