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Forty years of sustainable beauty

Life-enhancing products and projects since 1983

Do our best for the world, creating good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability. This is the purpose that inspires Davines every day. But what makes us both a rooted and forward-looking company is the attention we give to crafting a better tomorrow built on our history as a family-owned brand.
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March 14, 1983 is the date that marks the beginning of the entrepreneurial adventure of Gianni and Silvana Bollati: the foundation in Parma of a company dedicated to professional personal care and hair care. From the union of their children’s names - Davide and Stefania - Davines Group was born. And from the union of beauty and sustainability Davines flourished.

We have been a company in continuous evolution for 40 years, cultivating the very concept of sustainability itself and etching it into the values of our manifesto of Sustainable Beauty. These values inhabit our projects and products, cultural offerings and windows to an enriching world in which we respectfully coexist with our home planet and with each other.

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Our letter to the planet

Dear Planet,
This year, Davines celebrates an important date: our 40th anniversary.

Today’s Davines is the culmination of the dedication, passion and research that we have put in motion throughout the years in caring about you and your dearest, adding to our community one person at a time.

Along this journey, we have always focused on innovating our vision of #SustainableBeauty by looking ever more closely at you and the planet as our source of inspiration, a virtuous relationship between sustainability and performance and the coexistence of different people living in harmony. Today, we protect and regenerate our Earth’s biodiversity, taking action to promote good agricultural practices, sustainable ingredient sourcing and the many cultural exchanges that are part of any vibrant ecosystem.

As part of your global Davines family, we very humbly take responsibility for improving the world by balancing beauty and sustainability in everything we do. This is an endless pursuit and one that we take with pleasure for you and with you.

Thank you for inspiring us and making so much beauty flourish.


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The Davines philosophy was present from the very first product marketed under the brand name in 1984: the original Oil non Oil, a natural organic formula enriched with proteins with a protective and restructuring action for the hair. The same approach – Nature-inspired and innovative – can be found in the Group's most recent project: We Sustain Beauty. This global socio-environmental initiative advocates concrete actions to mitigate climate change with regenerative organic agriculture.

The term giving back is used intentionally: in 2021, Davines founded the European Regenerative Organic Center (EROC) in Parma, a research center to support the supply of ingredients grown from regenerative organic agriculture. This is a system of agricultural principles and practices that aims to rehabilitate the entire soil ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and potentially sequestering more CO2. With the 2023 edition of We Sustain Beauty – which launched in March and will reach its peak during Earth Month in April – Davines salons will carry the Grow Beautiful bag, made with Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) cotton.

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This is the latest step in the research and selection process for natural ingredients and increasingly biodegradable formulas. Since 2014, each product in the Essential Haircare hero line contains an ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium in Italy, such as Fiaschetto Tomato and Minuta Olive. Davines has supported biodiversity and local farmers for almost a decade thanks to this formulation philosophy.

However, the product is not just made up of the formula, but also of what protects and embraces it: the packaging. Davines is known worldwide thanks to the uniqueness of its design, and the packaging is also a field of improvement from an ethical point of view. The Research and Development team is inspired by eco-design principles, such as lightness, the elimination of superfluous elements, and the preference for recycled or bio-based materials.

Since 2016, Davines has been a B Corp, i.e. a company certified for its high environmental and social sustainability standards. Since 2018, home has been the Davines Village, an innovative building with large glass walls that directly expresses the group’s transparency. The Village is powered by 100% renewable energy and contains all the most important organs for the life of the brand: production, the warehouse, the offices, the laboratory, the Scientific Garden, EROC, and above all, the people who make Davines what it is and what will be. Today, the company has over 800 employees, is present in 90 countries and has seven branches worldwide. It’s exciting to think that all this started — forty years ago — in the house and dream of only two people: Gianni and Silvana.


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