Shine-enhancing hair products for glossy, silky hair. Each product in this collection brings out the best in your hair, resulting in maximum shine for a healthy look and feel.

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Shiny, glossy hair doesn’t come naturally for many of us. The large majority of hair suffers tremendously day in and day out, combating environmental stressors like heat, cold, and wind. Tired tendrils then have to put up with coloring, chemical processing, and heat treating. They just can’t take that much and strands begin to lose elasticity, integrity, and shine.

How to use Hair Shine Products

But have no fear! Hair that has lost its luster and lacks head-turning radiance can totally get it back. It just takes some concerted steps. First thing’s first, to protect the strand’s natural integrity, choose asulfate-free shampoo that doesn’t strip hair of its much-needed oils. Scrub the dirt, grime, and product build up right out of that hair and send it on its way

Next, you’ll need to introduce much needed hydration back in with a supple, nourishing conditioner. Lather it on and let it sit. Each week, leave it on for a few extra minutes for a deep conditioning experience. Your hair will drink in the delicious nutrients and antioxidants, then thank you by shining bright and shining far

Hair Shine Products for Every Hair Type

In order for your hair to truly become the star of the show, pack your cabinet full of hair shine products. Hair shine products come in all shapes and sizes. Davines makes an array of hair shine products for each and every hair type. From leave-in milks to smoothingserums, each of our hair shine products uses nature-made ingredients and leaves the toxins in the dust. 

After yourshower routine, take a few more minutes to lather on the hair shine products. These products help strands seal in moisture and protect it from pollutants that turn your hair drab and dull. Davines hair shine products also deliver antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals necessary for a brilliant, glossy look. They protect from heat treatments and increase the efficacy of other products by creating a healthy, strong foundation for each and every strand. 

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