World Wide Hair Tour 2019

On May 6th and 7th the international Davines community met in Reykjavik and this is how it went

After years of captivating urban centres like Paris, Los Angeles and London, the Davines community came together in one of the most evocative locations in the world: Reykjavik, the capital of the land of ice and the most northern capital city in the world. This is an opportunity to discover a primordial land where the power of nature is still intact.

On stage

Hitting the international hairstylist stage were: the Allilon team with Angelo Seminara, Isaac Salido, Anna Pacitto, Michael Polsinelli and, for the first time with Davines, the Brockmanns.

Positive footprint

Image of a model holding a sign from the World Wide Hair Tour of 2019

Two days brimming with emotion and the spirit of sharing, in pure Davines style, and that is not all. In strict adherence to values of the brand, the WWHT event focused particularly on the environment, with all 1,300 guests taking part in a local reforestation project to offset the carbon footprint of their journey. Indeed, a key part of the event was the active participation of the guests in a reforestation project in the Þorláksskógar (Thorlaks) forest, in the municipality of Ölfus, 50 km south of the capital Reykjavik. 

The objective is to recuperate the soil, protect the city from extreme atmospheric events, restore the area for use by local people and support the national climate policies developed in line with the Paris agreements. This reforestation project was possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Icelandic Conservation Service (SCSI), the Ministry of Natural and Environmental Resources and the Icelandic Forestry Service (IFS).


Our most important stylists shared the limelight during the two days of the show with the talented young hairdressers of the World Style Contest, competing against other finalists selected from all over the world. A special mention to Mirela Moko, who won 2019 WSC edition.

Image of runway hair style at the World Wide Hair Tour of 2019

A tree for...

Each guest planted their own tree, with a total of 1,300. With this activity, Davines is taking part in a 20-year project that that saves 1.7 million tons of CO2, cutting an average of 33,000 tons of emissions per year. 

The advantages also include the creation of natural habitats capable of attracting wildlife. The native flora is the reintegrated and water is redistributed to benefit the water balance of the area: a virtuous circuit restoring the natural balance that relies on harmony between soil and arboreal heritage.

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