Unlock the Secret to Shinier Hair: OI Liquid Luster
Unlock the Secret to Shinier Hair: OI Liquid Luster

Winter Hair Care: How to Keep Your Locks Moisturized and Healthy

Whether you have curly hair or struggle to keep your strands hydrated, here’s what to do when winter hits.

The air outside is cold and dry. The air inside is warm, and also dry. There’s just no way to prevent the parched winter climate from coming for your hair and skin.

Dry hair leads to a number of annoyances: Strands can become brittle and prone to flyaways and breakage. Your scalp might feel irritated, and styling sessions become absolutely maddening thanks to static and frizz. But what if we told you all the above could be solved just by adding more moisture to your winter care routine?

Understanding the Effects of Winter on Hair

Anyone who lives in a place where winters are cold and dry probably experiences excess frizz, brittleness, and an overall lackluster appearance to their hair during this harsh season. Equally annoying is the static that makes strands defy gravity the moment your wooly hat comes off. The dry air makes hair more absorbent — eager to soak in liquids and electrons, it turns out.
Understanding how the elements affect your hair is the first step towards protecting it against the cold weather.

Why It’s So Important to Moisturize Hair in Winter

Moisture is the antidote to static, frizz, split ends, and general unruliness in the winter. Sticking to a good hair routine with plenty of hydrating conditioners, masks, and leave-in treatments can make all the difference. The products you use play a key role in replenishing lost hydration and restoring your hair’s vitality, so choose ones that nourish it, help shield it from the elements, and create a protective barrier.

The Different Types of Treatment

Your hair often bears the brunt of harsh weather. Combatting the unwanted effects of winter might look like adding an extra hair mask to your weekly hair care regimen or quickly spritzing with a leave-in treatment before styling. Read on for our favorite tips and winter products for healthy, shiny hair. 

Overnight Masks

Hair masks harness the power of time to repair and nourish your strands. They’re more potent than conditioners — often thicker and more hydrating — and can sometimes be used while you sleep. Coat your hair in a moisturizing mask like The Restless Circle before you go to bed and wake up to glossy locks. Do this weekly to see continued results. 

Leave-in Treatments 

A quicker fix than overnight treatments, leave-in conditioners provide a moisture boost before or after styling, or just about anytime your hair starts looking limp and lifeless throughout the day. Choose a product with ingredients targeting hydration, like our Momo Hair Potion made with vitamin-rich melon extract or our anti-frizz OI Oil.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate hair and skin quencher. It has a high capacity for retaining water, which makes your skin supple and hair lustrous. We created the Naturaltech Replumping Hair Filler Superactive with this magical moisturizing ingredient. Just apply the leave-in formula before styling for a polished look that lasts.

Lightweight Moisturizers

Keeping hair hydrated can be extra challenging for those with thin or fine hair that gets weighed down easily by heavy moisturizers. That’s why we created the Naturaltech Wellbeing line featuring a featherlight shampoo and conditioner that provide hydration without creating buildup that will make your hair appear flat and lifeless.

 Scalp-soothing Products

When you crank up the heat at home, that dry air can suck the moisture from your skin — including the skin of your scalp. You might experience itching, flaking, and general irritation as a result. Soothe your scalp with Naturaltech Calming, our line of care products made with blueberry phytoceuticals packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Healthy hair always starts with a healthy scalp.

Intensive Shine Treatments

If you grapple with frizzy or lackluster hair in the winter, a keratin treatment will help smooth over the cuticle and give you a covetable sleek and shiny finish. Use a specialized glossing formula to impart shine, and get a boost to your natural hair color as a bonus. Shop intensive shine treatments in our best-selling OI collection. We recommend OI Hair Butter and OI Liquid Luster.   

Volumizing Products

Dry hair lacks body. You know how your strands poof up in high humidity? The opposite happens in a dry environment. Use our leave-in Liquid Spell mousse for fine hair to restore some of that volume and shine. It uses heat-activated amino acids to strengthen the hair structure, which enhances its vitality and boosts texture.

Salon Service Shine for Every Hair Type  

Many hair issues that surface in winter can be blamed on the lack of moisture, so don’t skip the extra steps to keep your strands adequately hydrated this season. Whether it’s sleeping with a mask in one night a week, adding an additional leave-in product before styling, or introducing hyaluronic acid to your care routine, these small changes can improve the look and feel of your hair long-term.

Of course, the best thing you can do for dry winter hair is see a professional about in-salon moisture treatmentsthat work best for your individual hair type. Our Davines hairstylists are at your service.

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