Want Perfectly Air-Dried Hair? Here’s How to Get It...

Blasting your locks with a hot blow-dryer is the last thing you feel like doing during the sticky days of summer. Plus, nothing says summer hair like perfectly air-dried tendrils. But air-drying your tresses is a trend you want to get right. One wrong step and your strands can turn to frizz. These tips will ensure your air-dry looks as good as a blow-dry.

1. Detangle

Perfectly air-dried hair starts while it’s still wet. After washing, use your fingers to detangle your hair in the shower. 

2. Apply a leave-in conditioner

Apply a leave-in conditioner likeDavines OI All in One Milk to your strands just after you shower to seal your hair cuticle and eliminate the appearance of frizz.

3. Towel dry

Use a microfiber towel made specifically for drying hair to squeeze any excess water from your hair. Using a terry cloth towel to dry your hair can lead to drying, breakage and tangles. 

4. Shape and style

The secret to great, air-dried hair is to mold and shape it when it's damp. Spritz strands withDavines This is a Sea Salt Spray and loosely gather them into a loose, low braid or a bun.

4. Finishing touches

Let your hair out of the bun or braid after about 15 minutes and shake your fingers through your strands. Tame any fly-aways with a toothbrush spritzed withDavines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist.

Stay in control of your locks without sweating it out underneath the dryer. With just a few simple steps your air-dried hair will be beautiful, effortless and laid back cool for summer.

by Jaclyn LaBadia

cover photo by @elsabowman

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