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Small or Big Changes: Two Blonde Looks for Spring 2022


Need a little encouragement to change up your look? We suggest two blonde options: one stronger and the other more subtle, but both are achieved with the "Graduated Blonde" Davines salon service.

If you are in need of a fun visual change this spring, we have two looks for you to choose from: a bold one — to instantly bring out your personality — and a more subtle one, for a brightening update to your look. 

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Pearlescent Blonde Look

If you need someone to encourage you to take a big step, we can recommend this look: a geometric, structured haircut that can be styled either straight, for a more elegant look, or tousled, to reveal the darker inner texture, for a more contemporary vibe.

The shade is pearl blonde with more intense hues at the base, which suits all skin tones as the shades can be recreated to suit both warm and cool skin tones, especially if your trusted Davines hair salon uses The Century Of Light premium bleaching product line.

At-home care tips

  • If you want to express every shade of pearly purple – from soft pink to lilac – apply the Dede Hair Mist all over your hair after towel drying. This spray provides a layer of moisture, which makes your hair soft and evens it out.
  • You can then also use a shine-enhancing product and heat protectant such as the Heart Of Glass Sheer Glaze, which is perfect especially to protect bleached hair and make it glossy.
  • When drying your hair, brush it using a flat brush to keep the base smoother.

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Bronzed blonde hair

If you're looking for a smaller change that still makes an impact, this look is perfect for you: a slightly asymmetrical shoulder-length bob with magnolia and bronze blonde reflects.

To create the soft waves that characterize this classic look, the hair was styled into soft waves by curling the hair in opposite directions. If you have wavy hair, this style suits you naturally, but it can easily be recreated on any type of hair.

Who would we recommend it to? To those who like simple haircuts, or who don’t have much time, but always want to look their best.

At-home styling tips

  • Apply a base of This is a Blow Dry Primer, which helps your hair stay in place as you want it.
  • Then apply the Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze: not only because it provides extra shine, but also to detangle your hair before it dries.
  • If you would like a more defined look as in the photo, use a straightener to create loose waves by wrapping your hair around it and curling each section in opposite directions.

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Graduated Blonde: try this new service at the salon

The two color proposals we have just told you about were created by Tom Connell, Davines Hair Art Director, for his new 2022 Sunlight Hours collection.

They are two “variations” of blonde achieved thanks to the new Graduated Blonde service, which gets its name from the fact that it creates a gradual transition from the base – where the blonde is darker and dusty – to lighter, brighter ends.

Graduated Blondeis an extremely adaptable hair coloring service, which allows all shades of blonde to be playedwith to achieve a more classic look such as bronze blonde, or a more edgy look – such as pearl blonde. As hair is gradually exposed to different shades of natural light, the haircut itself reveals other shades of color.

In synergy with Graduated Blonde, The Century of Light bleaching and View toning were also used to create these looks. In a nutshell,Graduated Blonde adds depth and dimension to your hair, giving it movement.

Home-care products for blonde hair

Blonde hair needs special attentions and extra care to stay healthy and keep its shine. Indeed, blonde hair can be very delicate: it can lose its brightness because of the sun or because of sea salt or chlorine from the swimming pool. Remember to use specific products for blondes! With the right products and a complete hair routine it is possible to preserve the natural shine of blonde hair
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