11 Tips from Davines Stylists for Getting Shiny, Healthy Hair

When in doubt (and especially where your hair is concerned), it's best to ask the pros for advice. Whether you're looking to boost shine, combat split ends, or just curious on what a gloss treatment can do for you, this panel of four haircare experts are here to help.

What makes hair “shiny”?

"You can achieve shiny hair in many ways. My first tip is to seek out a colorist who cares about the health of the hair, down to the products and techniques they use. That is the foundation of shiny hair, because they will do everything, they can to maintain your hair health. The rest of how to achieve shiny hair comes down to glosses and deep-conditioning treatments. You can think of these as "makeup" for the hair." —Abby Haliti

What causes otherwise shiny hair to go dull? Dryness? Buildup?

"Yes, both play a role in achieving shiny hair. Heat is the number one factor, and I'm not a fan of dry shampoo because the build-up will make the hair flat and dull. Less is more when it comes to healthy hair!" —Abby Haliti

What can you do to increase the shine factor as far as care goes?

"I currently use Tolerance with 10. vol from Davines, and I leave it on for no more than 5-7 minutes. Think of it as a chemical peel for the hair: it helps the hair achieve a more desirable tone and gives the color a renewed appearance." —Abby Haliti

Are there styling products that can help? Like oils or sprays?

“When using hair oils, I always recommend using a small amount at a time and working it all throughout your hands before applying it to the ends. Then working upwards, leaving hair closest to the scalp until last with just the leftover oil from your hands. Brush through after and then style. You can also use more hair oil on wet hair, and a quarter or less on dry hair. My favorite is the OI Oil from Davines because it is light, smells great and doesn’t leave hair looking greasy.” — Sal Misseri

"My favorite product of all the time is OI Oil. I love the hydration that it brings to the hair. I find that it's best applied through the mid lengths and ends of the hair. I also use it on dry hair and in between washes to bring back some shine and hydration, and it smells amazing! [And it's also a part of] my favorite no-fuss everyday routine: I usually let my hair air dry with the OI Oil and add a little reshape around the face with a 1 1/4" curling iron. I finish the look with a few sprays of dry texturizer which encourages volume and a natural finish. Finish it off with a bit of SU Hair Milk for definition, and voila! " —Melanie Guille

“My go-to product is the OI Oil from Davines. It has multiple functions, adds shine, and makes the hair feel super soft. Not to mention it also detangles and fights frizz. Recommended to all of my guests!” —Abby Haliti

What about hair coloring products, like glazes or glosses?

“Yes, the world of color has tremendously grown since I began my career. I have seen so many brands transform their hair color lines to be safe for pregnant women or ammonia-free color. If we're talking about shine-enhancing color, my favorite is View from Davines. The formula is unique and eco-friendly, and truly makes your hair shine like no other.” —Abby Haliti

Now, let’s talk split ends. What are the major causes? 

“Although split ends naturally occur over time, excessive heat styling, hair color and other chemical processes can speed up how quickly they appear. Lack of moisture, proper hydration, and maintenance trims are typically the main culprits.” —Jenni Nguyen

Are certain people more prone to them?

“Major contributing factors like lifestyle, diet and hair coloring choices affect how prone the hair is to splitting. But particular hair textures are more prone to split ends, like curly hair textures. In my experience, the curlier the hair the more moisture it needs. If the hair is not properly moisturized and hydrated, split ends and breakage can happen much more frequently.” —Jenni Nguyen

Once you have them, what are your options?

“I always recommend to my guests a minimum of at least 4 haircuts a year. Trims are important because it will keep split ends from creeping up the hair shaft and splitting the hair even more. Proper conditioning and masking is really important as well. To properly apply conditioner or deep conditioning mask, be sure to wring our as much water from the hair. Towel blotting if possible, prior to applying a conditioner or mask, will help the products penetrate deeper into the hair strand to be able to deliver maximum moisture and hydration.” —Jenni Nguyen

Can you suggest any products to help prolong or prevent them?

“My absolute go to hydrating and strengthening products are Liquid Spell, DEDE Hair Mist and This is an Oil Non Oil. All three of these products are a very lightweight formulation and provide moisture for most, if not all hair types. I always recommend a DEDE Hair Mist to lightly rehydrate, refresh and detangle hair. It also helps to equalize porosity in hair, which is vital to how hair holds onto moisture and hydration. Liquid Spell is a lightweight foam hairstyling and hair treatment all in one! It helps to rebuild and restructure weak hair through an amino acid formulation that is heat activated. It has helped so many of my guests hair become stronger and prolong the longevity of their color. This is an Oil Non Oil is another styling product that is an extremely lightweight liquid gel formulation that looks and feel like an oil. It’s formulation helps to lock in moisture while delivering a flexible light hold for any hair type and hair style.” —Jenni Nguyen

Cover photo: color and style by Mélanie Guille

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