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The Six Best Hair Masks for Dry and Damaged Hair

When it comes to fighting dry and damaged hair, you've tried it all: moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, taking a break from heat styling... but if you're ready to take the fight to the next level, it's time to try a nourishing hair mask.

Much like how a face mask can bring a little extra TLC into your skincare regimen, your hair can really benefit from some specialized attention. See how adding a hair mask into your routine a few times a week can mean the difference between just another acceptable hair day, and "where has this softness been all my life?"

Davines The Renaissance Circle hair mask

Photo by @karlibobarley

1. The Renaissance Circle

Even the most damaged strands don't stand a chance against The Renaissance Circle. Two key ingredients team up to fight damage and dryness: Babassu butter detangles to add softness, silkiness and body, while copper and iron-rich yellow clay helps to restore the hair structure. Together this means stronger, healthier-looking hair for you. And the best part of The Circle Chronicles hair masks? Multiple applications in a travel-friendly format for hair masking on-the-go.

2. NOUNOU/hair mask

The only downside to updating your hair color is the potential for damage. Perfect for anyone who has recently bleached, permed or relaxed their hair, the NOUNOU/hair mask is specifically formulated to heal and nourish highly-processed hair. Treat your locks to a hair mask rich in tomato extract, full of antioxidants and Vitamin C that restore and invigorate hair.


NOUNOU Hair Mask Davines multi-masking

Photo by @karlibobarley

3. Nourishing Hair Building Pak

When your hair is officially ready to call it quits, bring in the A-team. As a part of the Naturaltech Nourishing family, the Nourishing Hair Building Pak helps to restructure and nourish your hair from deep within the shaft, leaving it soft, shiny and full-bodied. This hair mask is enriched with keratin and Omega-9, an essential fatty acid, which work together to repair and restructure your hair from the lipid layer.

4. OI Hair Butter

The latest addition to the OI family of products is a rich and nourishing deep conditioner that can also be used as a powerful mask. The roucou oil in OI Hair Butter is rich in ellagic acid, known to be a potent neutralizer of free radicals that leaves your hair shiny, soft and frizz-free. For additional information on why you need roucou oil in your beauty routine, be sure to check out our article "Roucou Oil: The Hair Oil to Beat All Hair Oils."

Davines OI Hair Butter family

Photo by @michelleduffloq

5. LOVE/curl hair mask

Curly hair needs customized care. The key to keeping your curls looking soft, defined and bouncy? Moisture. Mixing the LOVE/curl hair mask into your weekly curly haircare regimen adds a boost of extra nourishing and moisturizing power, which translates to beautiful curls and waves.

6. The Quick Fix Circle

Not everyone has extra time in their morning routine to dedicate to hair masking — but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on perfectly moisturized locks. The Quick Fix Circle is perfect for anyone with only a little time to spare: this regenerating hair mask only takes 3 minutes to heal your hair into something shiny, soft and workable. Taking a cue from the skincare world, the hyaluronic acid in The Quick Fix Circle means long-lasting added moisture for you.

By Lauren Hannel, staff contributor

 cover photo by @karlibobarley

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