The Best Davines Shampoo and Conditioner, According to Your Hair Type

Inclusivity is just as important to our brand and heritage as sustainability. We’ve always strived to highlight individuality and diversity, which is why our in-salon offerings and product formulas aim to celebrate hair of all textures and types. And with that in mind, we’ve created haircare for a range of hair textures, scalp types, and specific hair concerns. (Our Essential Haircare collection in particular features products that meet the specific needs of different hair types.)Still, we understand that the sheer variety of products might be overwhelming to navigate—which is why we put together this guide to help you discover the collections and ingredients that will best serve you and your hair’s unique needs.

Best For: Normal Hair 

Normal hair doesn’t require much more than the basics—but why stop there? OurOI range is enriched with Roucou Oil to deeply hydrate, soothe, and nourish every hair and skin type. Think of it as a moment of indulgence in your otherwise busy day. For normal hair that’s dry—as it can be after a weekend in the sun—consider theMOMO shampoo and conditioner from theEssential Haircare range. Infused with vitamin- and mineral-rich Cartucciaru Melon extract, the MOMO formulas work to replenish dehydrated hair and boost shine without weighing hair down.

Best For: Curly Hair

While curly hair comes with built-in body and texture, it can lack hydration and therefore be more prone to frizz. That’s because a curl’s coil shape prevents the scalp’s natural oils from easily sliding down the shaft and moisturizing the lengths. So any formula used on curls, be it shampoo or a mask, has to contain moisturizing ingredients to make up for it. OurLOVE/curl shampoo and conditioner deliver volume, shine, and manageability to waves and curls with the help of almond extract. 

For more unruly or frizz-prone curls, LOVE/smoothing shampoo and conditioner harness the power of Minuta Olive extract, which is abundant in nourishing fatty acids and Vitamin E, to soften and moisturize hair. The creamy formulas hydrate as they cleanse for smooth, frizz-free hair. For hair that’s both dry and damaged, try the Naturaltech Nourishing Shampoo and conditioner from our Naturaltech line. With gentle surfactants and soothing grape phytoceuticals, they leave hair clean and smooth.

Best For: Fine Hair

For fine hair, there’s nothing better than a gentle, lightweight formula that can cleanse hair without flattening it. OurDEDE shampoo and conditioner are powered by Orbassano Red Celery extract, which cleanses hair and leaves it healthy, shiny, and balanced. For those seeking more volume, the Caprauna Turnip extract inVOLU shampoo helps keep fine hair lifted, offers visible volume, and won’t weigh it down.

Photo by: @karlibobarley

Best For: Thinning Hair

Thinning hair requires a little more attention for both the hair and scalp. It’s a job forNaturaltech, which combines advanced technology with high-quality natural ingredients to treat a variety of scalp and hair conditions. Brimming with caffeine phytoceuticals to boost circulation,Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo takes a two-prong approach to thinning hair: it encourages new hair growth while strengthening weakened hair to minimize breakage.On the other hand,Naturaltech Replumping directly addresses hair vulnerable to breakage while also boosting volume. The creamy, sudsy formulas protect hair elasticity and deeply moisturize hair to fortify it, while helping it appear thicker and fuller.

Best For: Color-Treated Hair

If you have a standing appointment with your colorist, it’s worth investing in products designed to enhance and protect your color-treated hair. OurAlchemic collection offers shampoos and conditioners rich in pure pigments that intensify, refresh, and brighten the color of both natural and colored hair. And they cater to a range of shades — including silver, blonde, brunette, and copper — to ensure that everyone has a perfect match. 

For everyday protection, try the MINU shampoo and conditioner from the Essential Haircare range. The MINU formulas feature Salina Caper blossoms, which are rich in quercetin (a protective amino acid) and color-protecting polyphenols. These work to gently cleanse, maintain, and extend the lifespan of color-treated hair.

Best For: Damaged or Chemically-Treated Hair

Hair that’s been damaged by things like chemical treatments or styling tools need TLC in the form of protein-rich formulas, which help rebuild strands; and formulas likeMELU shampoo and conditioner from our Essential Haircare line deliver. Full of lentil seed extract, which helps to strengthen amino acids, they cleanse and repair damaged or overworked hair. Similarly protective are theNOUNOU shampoo and conditioner, which restore and replenish hair with antioxidant-packed Fiaschetto Tomatoes. 

To repair existing damage and stave off harm in the future, treat damp hair to Liquid Spell, an amino acid-rich formula used post-shower that visibly restores and strengthens damaged hair while boosting body and shine. It provides heat protection and imparts a healthy, lustrous sheen.

Consider this the starting point, and discover our masks, styling products, and more to create the right hair routine for you.

by Deanna Pai

cover photo by @karlibobarley

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