Simple Bobby Pin Hairstyles for Summer

Bobby pins are the workhorses of the hair world. They’re used in most updos, handy in a pinch, and a staple in every stylist’s emergency kit. The convenience and simplicity of bobby pin styling makes it a must-have for easy summer hair, but before you start, keep some things in mind. Bobby pin styling works best on dry hair - wet hair makes it more difficult for the bobby pin to stay put. Spritzing the inside of your bobby pin with a dry shampoo like Davines Hair Refresher will give it more grip. Finally make sure you insert the pin the correct way. The grooved side is meant to hold the pin in place, and should face down when you slide it in. Here are four of our favorite bobby pin hairstyles for summer.

Front French Braid

Start by sectioning off some hair along your hairline. Then French braid, making sure to pull in all front pieces to keep hair out of your face (See this step by step guide to french braiding from Allurehere). When you reach slightly past your temple, use one or two bobby pins to secure the braid behind your ear, with the pins facing the back of your head. 

Half Up Triangle

Pull small sections of hair from each side of your head and cross them in the back. While holding your hair in place, take a bobby pin and slide it in horizontally over the crossed section. Then take another bobby pin and slide it upward at a diagonal angle to set the right side. Repeat this on the left to complete the triangle.

Chevron Pull Back

Pull back the front of your hair and slide one bobby pin in at a slant, with the open end facing upwards. Slide one leg of another bobby pin at a downward angle inside the looped end of the first pin, to create an arrow shape. Repeat this as many times as you'd like until you get the look you want.

Halo Braid

Starting two inches back from your hairline, grab a section of hair that's four inches wide and separate it from the rest of your hair. Braid each section of hair at an angle, so as you wrap it around the back of your head there aren't any bumps. Use a bobby pin to secure your braid to the rest of your hair before repeating this entire process on the other side.

Finish up your bobby pin style with a few spritzes of your favoriteDavines hairspray and be sure to stock up on bobbies in bulk for summer.

by Jaclyn LaBadia

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