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5 Ways to Prep Your Hair for Spring

Improve your routine with healthy lifestyle habits and discover the right products to give your hair strength, hydration, and luster

As spring approaches and the harshness of winter releases its grip on your hair, it's time to begin to energize fragile strands, hydrating them to bring back their natural shine. You can start with the Davines two-step spring prep method, but you can't forget regular maintenance! Integrate these wellness rituals into your routine for continued hair and scalp health.
  1. Mask Regularly
  2. Get a Trim
  3. Reduce Heat Stress
  4. Drink More Water
  5. Turn to the Pros

1. Mask regularly

Masks help provide the hair and scalp with extra nourishment they don't get from everyday care. We recommend treating hair with a mask weekly for extra revitalizing support — and we offer masks for every hair type.


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The Renaissance Circle


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The Spotlight Circle


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The Let It Go Circle
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2. Get a trim

Breakage breeds more breakage. Split ends continue to split. Stop the damage before it travels further up the length of your hair by getting those frayed ends trimmed asap.

3. Reduce heat stress

Heat exacerbates dehydration, so limit your hair's exposure to hot tools and hot water — steamy showers included. And anytime you blow dry your hair, remember to protect it with a leave-in product like the ones below.


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Sheer Glaze


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LOVE Smoothing Perfector

4. Drink more water

The recommended daily water intake is 2.7-3.7 liters. Moisturizing hair products can help, but you still have to hydrate the hair and scalp from within.

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5. Turn to the pros

Nobody can whip winter hair into spring shape like a qualified professional. Consider treating yourself to our a salon detox treatment, or book an appointment with your Davines hairdresser to learn about other scalp and hair treatments.

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