Peekaboo Hair: Unveiling the Hidden Charm of Subtle Color Accents

Peekaboo hair is the latest color trend taking over our social media feeds, and we’re here for it. Peekaboo highlights get their name from the fact that they're positioned to ‘peek out’ with a pop of color. Versatile, low maintenance and easy to achieve, peekaboo highlights are the perfect way to play around with color without committing to an all-over change. These highlights, strategically placed beneath the top layer of hair can even make thin hair look thicker. From bright, bold statement pieces to subtle hues that you can hide at your discretion, we tapped our expert colorists for all the best ways to rock this color trend. Read ahead for everything you need to know about peekaboo hair.

The Art of Peekaboo Hair

The peekaboo hair trend dates back to the 1980’s rock scene, when the trend was to wear two-tone strands with platinum on top and darker tones underneath. But we’re seeing lots more versatility in today’s version. In fact, unlike traditional highlights, lowlights, and other methods like balayage or ombre, peekaboo highlights’ popularity lies in their versatility. Though they’re usually applied beneath the top layer of your hair, so that they’re hidden when your hair is down, peekaboo highlights can also be placed to frame your face or featured on just one side. They can be painted in baby-fine strands or bigger blocks of color. A peekaboo hairstyle requires a skilled colorist to achieve uniform partings, prevent color overlap of hues, maintain consistent tones, and prevent color bleeding.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

There’s a wide range of color options available for peekaboo hair, from vibrant and bold to subtle and pastel. There’a a peekaboo style to complement different hair textures, skin tones, and personal styles. We asked our colorists for the top color combinations when it comes to peekaboo hair trends, and we’re breaking them down below.

Pastel Perfection

Go for pastels like lavender, powder blue, and blush pink to add a touch of playful whimsy. These colors create a soft contrast against natural hair, resulting in a look that's both subtle and eye-catching. 

Bold and Beautiful

Make a statement with bold shades like electric blue, fiery red, or vibrant purple. These colors demand attention and provide a striking contrast against various hair tones, creating a dramatic effect that's hard to ignore. 

Natural Neutrals

If a more understated approach is your thing, consider natural hues like caramel, honey, and deep chocolate. These shades seamlessly blend with most hair colors, offering a sophisticated yet distinct look. 

Jewel Tones

Deep colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red bring the richness of jewel tones to your hair. These colors add depth and luxury to your locks, creating a captivating play of light and shade. 

Peekaboo hair blonde tones

Sun-Kissed Hues

If you’re a beach babe, mimic the effects of sunlight with golden blonde, warm copper, and honeyed tones. These colors evoke a sense of warmth and radiance, making them perfect for a sun-kissed, beachy vibe. 

Cool and Icy

Or be cool and channel the tones of winter with icy shades like silver, platinum, and arctic blue. These colors lend an edgy and futuristic appeal, creating an otherworldly aura. 

Fiery Flames

Ready to go red? Try fiery hues such as orange, magenta, and crimson. These colors evoke passion and energy, bringing your hair to life with vibrant intensity. 

Subtle Smoky Grays

Embrace the trending gray hair with a peekaboo twist. Incorporate smoky gray or silver tones for an ethereal and modern look that's anything but ordinary. 

Unconventional Undertones

Unexpected colors beneath the surface, like neon streaks, hidden rainbows, or metallic accents are the ultimate way to experiment with color. These unconventional choices add an element of surprise and intrigue. 

Monochromatic Magic

Stick to shades within the same color family for a monochromatic effect. For instance, various shades of blue can create a captivating gradient that's both visually stunning and can even make you look younger.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of peekaboo hair colors is a must once you’ve colored your hair. In order to ensure your peekaboo highlights continue to make an impact, proper maintenance and care are essential to address common concerns like color fading, brassiness, and potential damage. This includes a thoughtful hair care routine, color-safe products and practices, and regular touch-up appointments. These hair care tips will help you maintain your peek a boo hairstyle:

Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

Invest in a color-safe shampoo and conditioner formulated to protect and preserve your peekaboo hair's hues. Look for sulfate-free options that maintain the vibrancy of your chosen shades. 

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water can cause color to fade faster. When washing your hair, use lukewarm or cool water to maintain the longevity of your peekaboo hair colors. This step helps prevent color bleeding and keeps your hidden hues looking fresh. 

Minimal Washing

Excessive washing can lead to color fading. Try to extend the time between washes, and use dry shampoo between wash days to absorb excess oil. This will help your peekaboo hair colors stay vibrant for longer.

Color-Boosting Treatments

Periodically apply a color-boosting treatment or hair gloss to revive the vibrancy of your peekaboo hair. These treatments infuse your chosen colors with a fresh burst of life, making your hidden hues stand out.

Gentle Styling Practices

Use heat styling tools sparingly, and when you do, apply a heat protectant to shield your hair from damage. Opt for lower heat settings to prevent color from fading due to excessive heat exposure. 

Touch ups for peekaboo hair

Professional Touch-Ups

Your chosen colors and their natural fading process will determine how often you need to touch-up or dye your hair. Consider scheduling regular appointments with your colorist to ensure your peekaboo hair remains well-blended, vibrant, and true to your vision. 

Would You Try Peekaboo Hair?

Want to color your hair but not sure what to do? Instead of going for super-subtle highlights or drenching your strands in an entirely new color, peekaboo hair might be just the trend to try. Taking over our social media feeds, and with good reason, the two-tone style, made iconic by rocker chics in the '80s, has endured the test of time. Peekaboo highlights are a low-maintenance, less-damaging hairstyle for anyone who wants to experiment with colors. From bright, bold statement pieces to subtle highlights that you can hide at your discretion, there’s a peek a boo hairstyle for every personality, setting and occasion. If you're ready to try peekaboo hair, book an appointment with one of our colorists to get the look. Remember that it takes a great deal of experience to get the intricate patterns and colors right, so only trust a professional to avoid damaging your hair. Keep our styling tips, hair hacks and product picks in your routine and use only the highest quality stylist approved hair products on your peekaboo hair.

by Jaclyn LaBadia, featured contributor

Gentle clarifying and toning shampoo for blondes.

Illuminating and regenerating mask for colored hair.

Color-enhancing shampoo for warm or copper red tones.

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