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Moisturizing Treatment To Strengthen Curly Hair

Are you struggling with dry, damaged or weakened curls? Our Herbal Hair Infusion in-salon Naturaltech Tailoring treatment range has a unique combination of natural base and booster that deliver instant results.

If you have curly hair, you’ll know that dryness is a real challenge. And with that dryness often comes damage and weakness. If you want to strengthen your curly hair, you’ll need a moisturising treatment that won’t build up and cause even more problems in the future.

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Why Is My Curly Hair So Dry?

Hair is made of two main parts. Part of the reason why you’re struggling with dry hair is genetic. Curly hair is naturally dryer than straighter hair. This is because the natural oils produced at the scalp can’t travel as easily along the hair shaft to protect it from moisture loss.

The shaft is the part of the hair that is seen above the skin, and is supported by the follicle, which sits below the surface of the skin, close to those oil ducts, or sebum glands. The shape of the follicle is one of the factors that determines whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coily.

Causes Of Dry Hair

As well as natural dryness, there are many factors that exacerbate the problem. Heat is a big culprit — blow drying, straighteners and other styling tools can all cause the hair to dry out. Too much time in the sun can do the same thing.

Then there are harsh products that strip out moisture, such as those that use sulphates, or even simply over-washing your hair. Other products cause build up, especially any if containing silicone when this ingredient is not calibrated properly. And it’s not just products that can be too harsh. Too much brushing, styling or even rubbing of your hair with a rough towel can damage the hair fibers, causing it to become damaged and appear drier than it is.

Can Moisturizing Strengthen Dry Hair?

Our personalized Herbal Hair Infusion in-salon treatment delivers results instantly, with no development time. With four cutting-edge bases and six botanical extract boosters, there are 24 ways to tackle your unique hair health challenge. If you’re struggling with weak or damaged hair, your salon expert is likely to create a blend that uses a combination of our Moisture base plus our Controlling booster.

A Specialized Treatment To Strengthen Curly Hair

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Moisture Base For Dry, Brittle Hair

The first thing we need to do is add moisture back into those thirsty curls. But we don’t want to overdo it and end up weighing down the hair fibers, which would stop the curls from bouncing up properly. The Davines research team have analyzed hundreds of botanicals to find the right balance of moisturizing and lightness. The plant oils in the Naturaltech Tailoring Moisture base replace silicone with bio-based elastomers that create a film to reduce dehydration and improve softness.

As a result, hair is:

  • 20.7 times more hydrated*
  • 87% easier to detangle**
  • 70% softer***

*Independent laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks  

**Internal laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks  

***Independent laboratory, clinical evaluation on hair locks  

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Controlling Booster For Strong, Shiny Hair

There’s a reason why silicone is such a popular ingredient in hair products for dry, curly hair — it has a smoothing effect that adds shine in the short term. But as we’ve already seen, over time and if not calibrated properly, it could build up on the hair shaft, preventing moisture from entering the hair and exacerbating the problem of dryness.

At Davines, our scientists have discovered that a natural sugar extracted from wild elderflowers can provide the same smoothing coat that boosts hair shine, without causing the damaging build up. Our controlling booster also creates a protective barrier along the hair shaft, while delivering essential nutrients.

As a result, hair is:

  • 3.5 times silkier and smoother hair**
  • 3 times more control and 7 times more compactness after 72 hours**
  • 70% easier to detangle for up to 8 hours*

*Internal laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks  

**Independent laboratory, clinical test on hair locks

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Two Ways To Experience the Strength And Shine Treatment

We know that just as your hair is unique to you, so is your schedule and the way you prefer to experience a hair care treatment. That’s why we offer not one but two versions of the Naturaltech Tailoring experience.

For Instant Results, Fast: Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment

If you need results fast, choose the Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment, which delivers immediately, with no processing time. The diagnostic process is simple thanks to our Naturaltech Tailoring Consultation Digital Tool, and your in-salon expert will mix a custom blend of products to create your personalised treatment on the spot.

For a more indulgent experience: Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic Treatment

Place yourself in the care of your in-salon expert, who is on hand to diagnose your hair care needs while offering you a moment of calm. After a thorough consultation process, they’ll prepare your custom Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic treatment. Your treatment will then start with a relaxing hand massage, before your bespoke recipe is applied to the hair with a soothing brush.

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Find Your Nearest Davines Salon

If you have dry, curly hair and want to strengthen, moisturize and protect it to restore a healthy shine, book a session with your nearest Davines expert, who will be able to use our Naturaltech Tailoring diagnostic tool to create your personalized treatment in minutes.

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