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How To Protect Your Color With A Salon-Approved Treatment

Colored hair can end up damaged and dull if it isn’t protected properly. So we’ve created a new in-salon hair treatment using a unique combination of natural ingredients that delivers instant results.

We all know that the trade off for getting the hair color we want is that we’re probably going to do at least some damage to our hair, thanks to the chemicals used during the coloring process. The good news? Now there are ways to repair and protect your hair, restoring your healthy shine and maximizing your new color.

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How Hair Dye Works And What It Does To Your Hair

Chemical hair color treatments usually contain ammonia, which opens up the hair’s outer cuticle layer and allows the dye to penetrate to the cortex, infusing the hair shaft. When lightening hair, the treatment will also include a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide, which will strip out the hair’s natural color.

How Color Treating Your Hair Can Damage It

While chemical coloring treatments can help us get the look we want, they can also damage the hair if we don’t protect it. This is because the chemicals used can be harsh — especially bleaches used to lighten darker hair — affecting the proteins and oils that keep the hair healthy. This in turn weakens the hair, making it more likely to snap. Even without bleaching, ammonia can cause hair to become rougher. The structure of the cuticle is a little bit like a tiled roof, with overlapping ‘scales’ that can either be closed and smooth or open and textured. Because ammonia opens the scales to allow the dye to permeate, it can leave hair looking dull rather than shiny.

A Specialized Treatment To Protect Colored Hair

Herbal Hair Infusion, an in-salon Naturaltech Tailoring treatment, provides personalized and instant results with no development time. With four cutting-edge bases and six botanical extract boosters, there are 24 ways to tackle your unique hair health challenge. If you color your hair and want to protect it (while ensuring that color stays radiant for longer), your stylist can create a blend that uses a combination of our Moisture base plus our Fortifying booster.

Radiance Base For Colored Hair In Need Of Shine

We’ve seen how the ammonia used in many hair dyes can make hair look dull by causing the scales of the outer cuticle layer to open up, giving a rough texture. To get the most from your color, you’ll need to restore that shine. The Radiance base uses light reflecting palm oil to do just that (don’t worry, its RSPO mass balance certified palm oil, which has increased traceability). By smoothing the cuticle layer and adding a light reflecting element, it not only makes hair look radiant but it will feel softer and smoother too.

The results: 

  • 30.5% shinier*
  • 3.5 times more shine**
  • 58.8% softer***

*Independent laboratory, instrumental test supported by clinical evaluation on hair locks.  

**Independent laboratory, instrumental test supported by clinical evaluation up to 72h on hair locks.  

***Independent laboratory, clinical test on hair locks.  

Fortifying Booster For Damaged Hair

If you want your colored hair to be as healthy as possible, it’s not enough to deal with the surface issues. We also need to go deeper into the hair to restore the proteins damaged by the chemical treatment. To do this, we use amaranth extract, a high protein, gluten-free cereal that provides the amino acids needed to strengthen hair damaged by heat, pollutants and chemical treatment. A positive side effect of this treatment is that hair becomes easier to brush, reducing breakage.

The results:

  • 28% less breakage from brushing*
  • 26% increase in hair fiber strength**
  • Reinforcement lasts up to 5 washes***

*Independent laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks on strength base + fortifying booster.

**Internal laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks on strength base + fortifying booster.

***Internal laboratory, instrumental test on hair locks on strength base + fortifying booster after 5 washes.

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Two Ways To Experience The Herbal Hair Infusion Color Protect Treatment

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For Instant Results, Fast: Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment

If you need results fast, choose the Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment, which delivers immediately, with no processing time. The diagnostic process is simple thanks to our Naturaltech Tailoring Consultation Digital Tool, and your in-salon expert will mix a custom blend of products to create your personalized treatment on the spot.

For a More Indulgent Experience: Herbal Hair Infusion & Scalp Ritualistic Treatment

Place yourself in the care of your in-salon expert, who is on hand to diagnose your hair care needs while offering you a moment of calm. After a thorough consultation process, they’ll prepare your custom Herbal Hair & Scalp Ritualistic treatment. Your treatment will then start with a relaxing hand massage, before your bespoke recipe is applied to the hair with a soothing brush.

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