How to Master Perfect Beach Waves Without Heat

If just the thought of pulling out your curling iron during the summer makes you sweat, your summer wave game calls for a more organic approach. But how do you quit heat tools when they’re responsible for some of the most perfectly rippled strands? The good news is you don’t need an outlet to get the beachy waves of your summer dreams. These no-heat tips will take your tresses from straight to bendy in no time. 

1. Start with the right cut

Ask your hairstylist to feather the ends of your hair with a razor or scissors. Feathering encourages movement of your hair by taking weight out of the ends and allowing a curl to form more easily.

2. Prep your hair

Be sure to prep your hair by using Davines Love Curl Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with healthy beautiful curls in mind, Love Curl uses almond extract to hydrate the hair without disrupting its natural structure, enhancing volume, shine and manageability. See our previous post to make sure you’re shampooing and conditioning for optimal gorgeousness.

3. Distribute the product

For a super easy and effective way to get deconstructed beachy waves, use a wide tooth comb to distributeDavines Love Curl Cream throughout your damp hair. Grab sections randomly and twist the hair to look like dreadlocks. Do this all over, twisting each section in different directions. Let your hair air dry before raking your fingers through separating your twists.

4. Braid before bed

The right braid plus the right product, equals the perfect wave, so try braiding your hair before bed. Start off with slightly damp and applyDavines This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse from roots to ends. Decide if you want tight waves or loose waves, and create either a rope braid for loose or a three-section braid for tighter. Once your hair completely dries, take out the braids.

 5. Try pin curls

Pin curls are another great way to get waves without heat. Prep your hair withDavines This is a Curl Building Serum and comb the section of hair you're working with from roots to ends to ensure it is smooth and tangle-free. Roll the section into a large pin curl, and secure it with a bobby pin. Do this all over, rolling each pin curl in different directions. Once completely dry, take out the pins and use a large wide-tooth comb to break the curls apart into nice, loose waves.

Ditch the curling iron this summer and try a no-heat method for some seriously enviable strands.

by Jaclyn LaBadia

cover photo by @elsabowman

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