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How to Get Textured, Off-Duty Model Hair for Every Hair Type

No hair look will ever be as timeless and on-trend as off-duty model hair. The effortlessly chic, minimal-fuss, it-girl hair style has been holding strong for decades and shows no signs of going anywhere. It’s messy, but it looks clean—it’s slight definition and shine, but with a carefree, natural appearance. And while it’s unfortunately not as simple to get as the "I woke-up-like-this" message it sends, the secret to nailing off-duty model hair is lots of texture. We’re showing you exactly how to get textured, off-duty model hair no matter what kind of hair you have.

If you have thin hair...

This look is meant to be slept in. After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply a texturizing serum from roots to ends. Tie your hair up in a top-knot, and sleep on it. The serum will give your hair a flexible hold, and the shape of the top knot will give it a nice bend. When you take your hair down the next morning, spray it all over with a dry texture spray and rake your fingers through it.

If you have curly hair...

A texturizing serum is like a cream and gel hybrid, making it the perfect moisturizing texturizer for curly hair. Apply your serum to damp hair, then blow dry your curls upside down with a diffuser until they’re about 75% dry, then let the rest air dry. This will roughen up your hair’s cuticle for a second-day, lived in appearance.

Davines Texturizing Serum More Inside haircare

Photo by Davines North America

If you have thick hair...

Moisture and shine are the key to pulling this look off on thick hair. Cocktail a heat protectant spray and a texturizing serum in your hand to detangle and de-frizz, and apply it to your wet hair before blow-drying. Concentrate the dryer’s nozzle from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, then rough hair around with your hands to build a subtle wave. Finish with a dry texture spray at the mid-shaft for added texture and movement.

Aditi Mayer thick hair off duty look Davines

Photo by @aditimayer

If you have damaged hair...

The model-off-duty style is perfect if you’re struggling with damaged hair and need to lay off the heat tools. If you have visible signs of breakage or noticeable split ends, start by running a couple drops of hair oil from ends to mid-length to tame the frizz and lock in moisture while your hair damp. Next comb a texturizing serum through your hair, twist into sections and let it air dry.

If you have short hair...

Think off-duty model hair doesn’t apply to cropped cuts? Think again! Apply a texturizing serum to your damp hair to start as a flexible base. Then add a matte texture with a salt spray and if your hair is long enough for a deep side part, make one and tuck one side behind an ear; if you’re working with a shorter ‘do, finish by running some more texturizing serum through your locks for a touchable but structured hold.

The secret to effortlessly cool off-duty model style is texture, so stock up on your favorite texturizing hair products and add this hair look into your rotation immediately!

by Jaclyn LaBadia, feature contributor

cover photo by @tarmarz

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